Don Gaubatz

Dr. Donald Gaubatz consults internationally for large computer, networking, and semiconductor companies and for start-ups. He advises independent research labs on strategy, funding, technology transfer, and spin-outs. He is on the Advisory Board of the NSF's National Center for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization and is a Founding Member of the Computer History Museum.

Gaubatz was a Vice President at Digital Equipment Corporation during the computer industry's RISC versus CISC wars. His development groups in Palo Alto and Maynard delivered workstations based on the MIPS, VAX, and Alpha chips, as well as DEC's first 3D graphics and multimedia peripherals. Earlier at DEC, Gaubatz developed the first Ethernet and disk controllers for the MicroVAX.

Dr. Gaubatz' Ph.D. is from Cambridge University in England, and his B.S. is from Washington University in St. Louis. He has been on the Microprocessor Report Editorial Board since 1995.


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