David Kanter

David has been an invited speaker at many industry conferences and is commonly quoted by the business and technical press, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg News, IEEE Spectrum, and EETimes. His consulting clients include AMD, Intel, Nvidia as well as smaller companies and investment firms.


David was a founder of Strandera, a startup commercializing speculative multithreading using a combination of dynamic binary translation and transactional memory on x86 microprocessors. Prior to Strandera, he was an early employee at Aster Data Systems (acquired by Teradata), a leader in data warehousing and analytic databases. He also was an Economic Analyst at the Huron Consulting Group, where he worked on the derivatives accounting investigation of Fannie Mae. He has two patents pending on aerial imaging and photogrammetry.


David graduated from the University of Chicago with honors in Mathematics with a specialization in Computer Science, and honors in Economics. While studying at Chicago, he attended Dr. Lester Telser’s graduate microeconomics workshop and wrote an undergraduate thesis on the evolution of the semiconductor industry.

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