Our analyst team brings experience in product design, marketing, management, and industry analysis to your issues. We have a deep understanding of technology and also bring a strategic perspective to any issue. We cut through the hype to offer independent, unbiased recommendations.

   Linley Gwennap

Linley Gwennap is the president of The Linley Group and principal analyst for mobile. One of the most respected analysts in the microprocessor industry, he has followed the industry for more than 20 years. Starting as a processor designer at Hewlett-Packard, Linley later worked in PA-RISC marketing and then became editor-in-chief of Microprocessor Report and vice president of MicroDesign Resources before founding The Linley Group in 1999.

   Bob Wheeler

Bob Wheeler is the principal analyst for networking and has been part of The Linley Group since 2001. He has more than 25 years of experience in the networking, PC, and semiconductor industries. Most recently, he was the division marketing manager for AMD's Network Products Division before becoming an independent consultant in 1997. Bob also has experience as a software engineer, engineering manager, and operations manager.

   Jag Bolaria

Jag Bolaria is the principal analyst for embedded at The Linley Group. During more than 20 years in the communication and PC semiconductor industries, he defined and launched products that have generated billion-dollar revenues. He has spoken at several industry conferences and has written articles for EDN, EE Times, and other publications. His extensive industry experience includes senior roles in both marketing and engineering at Intel and other companies.

   Mike Demler

Mike Demler is a senior analyst at The Linley Group and a senior editor at Microprocessor Report. His diverse career spans nearly the breadth of the semiconductor industry, in both technical and business roles, from early-stage R&D to IC design, manufacturing, and software tools. Mike has extensive engineering experience and is a named inventor on eight U.S. patents. He is the author of "High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Conversion," an engineering textbook that has remained in print since 1991. He later served as a strategic-marketing director at Cadence and a product-marketing manager for Synopsys.

   Tom R. Halfhill

Tom R. Halfhill is a senior analyst at The Linley Group and long-time senior editor of Microprocessor Report. He has covered the technology industry since 1982, including a six-year stint at BYTE Magazine before joining Microprocessor Report in 1999. He is a prolific writer and has been a co-author, contributor, or editor of more than 20 books. He has also served as a technology analyst at ARC Cores.

   Loring Wirbel

Loring Wirbel is a senior analyst at The Linley Group and senior editor of Networking Report. He has covered the semiconductor industry for more than 25 years and is widely known for his work as director of communications coverage at EE Times. Prior to joining The Linley Group, he managed the FPGA Gurus blog for EDN, the Smartbooks blog for Qualcomm, and the Smart Networks report for Adva Optical. He also served as director of market intelligence for United Business Media.

   Loyd Case

Loyd Case is a senior analyst at The Linley Group and a senior editor of Microprocessor Report, where he focuses on mobile semiconductors and technologies. He is a pioneering technology writer and analyst who in his career has covered a wide array of technology topics, including processors, chipsets, and graphics. He has written about gaming hardware and game-related technology since 1994, when he took on the task of writing a roundup of PC graphics cards for Computer Gaming World—the first ever written specifically for computer gamers.

   David Kanter

David Kanter is an analyst at The Linley Group and a senior editor for Microprocessor Report, where he focuses on semiconductors and applications such as microprocessors, computers, mobile devices, power delivery and power management, servers, and graphics. His expertise is widely recognized; he has written over 100 articles and is a guest columnist at Ars Technica. He has published many in-depth articles at Real World Tech, a web site that covers PC, server, and mobile processors.


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