Linley Processor Conference 2017
Covers processors and IP cores used in embedded, communications, automotive, IoT, and server designs.
October 4 - 5, 2017
Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA

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The Linley Processor Conference will be held on October 4 - 5, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA. This two-day, single-track conference feature technical presentations addressing processors for communications, IoT, servers, and advanced automotive systems. This in-depth technical conference is the industry's premier processor event and we expect a number of new product announcements. In addition to over 20 technical presentations by experts from the companies leading the industry, the two-day conference program will include a keynote session covering technology and market trends in processor design.

The Linley Processor Conference is our largest event and includes dual-track presentations on the latest processor chips, processor IP and other technology required to efficiently process packet, sensor, and vision data.

The conference is targeted at system designers, equipment vendors, OEM/ODMs, service providers, press, and the financial community.

Here is a List of the Outstanding Talks and Speakers:

Tight Intergration of Pixel Processing and Deep Learning for Embedded Vision
Gordon Cooper, Product Marketing Manager, Embedded Vision Processors, Synopsys

High-Performance Processors for Safety-Critical Applications Drive Smart Automotive Applications
Michael Thompson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ARC Processors, Synopsys

EPYC Scaling to Infinity and Beyond
Greg Shippen, Chief Architect for Embedded, AMD

EPYC: Enabling a More Secure World
Piotr Weglicki, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, AMD

Developing Scalable, Energy Efficient SoCs for the Enterprise Space
David Koenen, Sr. Product Manager, Sytems and Software Group, Arm

DynamIQ: Scalable SoCs for Networking, Automotive, and Embedded Applications
Brian Jeff, Director of Product Marketing, Arm

Evolving Camera and Neural Network Processing
Rick Maule, Sr. Director of Product Management, Qualcomm

Architecting a Multicore Server SoC Design for the Cloud
Barry Wolford, Sr. Director of Technology, Qualcomm

The Next Frontier: Using Machine Learning for SoC Architecture and Design
Anush Mohandass, VP Marketing and Business Development, NetSpeed

Enabling Mixed-Protocol Hetergeneous Cache Coherency and ISO 26262 Functional Safety
Sanjay Deshpande, Director of Cache Coherency and Interconnect Architecture, Arteris

Scaling Up Vision and Imaging DSP Performance
Pulin Desai, Director of Product Marketing, Cadence

Architecting Future-Proof Platform Security from Device to Cloud
Steve Singer, Sr. Director, Field Applications Engineering, Rambus

Versatile Deep-Learning Vision Platform for Mobile, Surveillance, and Automotive
Yair Siegel, Director of Product Marketing, CEVA

Introducing the New RISC-V U54 Coreplex
Jack Kang, VP Product & Business Development, SiFive

Enabling Enterprise-Class VCPE and Multi-Access Edge Computing
Toby Foster, Sr. Product Manager, NXP

Extending a Proven Path for High-Bandwidth Networking
Andreas Schlapka, Director Networking, Micron

Master Your Multicore SOC Design With SLX
Maximillian Odendahl, Co-founder and CEO, Silexica

Networking Intellegence at the Server Edge
Bob Doud, Sr. Director of Marketing, Mellanox

SoCs Need a System-Level Approach: The Case for Embedded Analytics
Gajinder Panesar, CTO, UltraSoc

Reprgammable Logic in a Processor-Based SoC
Kent Orthner, Systems Architect, Achronix

Unleash the Power of FPGA Acceleration in the Data Center
David Munday, Senior Engineering Manager, Programmable Solutions Group, Intel

Desired Characteristics of Tomorrow's High-Performance Embedded Neural-Network Accelerators
Marton Feher, Head of aiWare, AImotive

and more to come...

The conference includes:

  • Sponsor exhibits and demos
  • Evening networking reception on the first day, October 4, 2017
  • Raffles by The Linley Group
  • Hosted speaker tables at lunch (meet the presenters)
  • Free parking
  • Continental breakfasts and gourmet lunches
  • Free Wi-Fi

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Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA

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