Linley Tech Mobile Conference 2011

Held April 19-20, 2011

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Session 0:  Keynote

Mobile Market Overview
Linley Gwennap, Principal Analyst, The Linley Group

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Session 1:  Application Processing

System Integration on the Snapdragon Mobile Processor
Raj Talluri, VP of Product Management, Qualcomm

Optimized Software on ARM Cortex Processors
Travis Lanier, Product Manager, Processor Division, ARM

Analyzing the Ingredients of a Portable Mobile Device Benchmark
Markus Levy, President, EEMBC

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Session 2:  Mobile Security

Device Security: A Checklist for Designers
James Burns, Sr. Member of Technical Staff, Mocana

Embedded Security in Connected Mobile Devices
Bart Stevens, Director of Product Management, AuthenTec

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Session 3:  Mobile SoC Design

A New Multi-Time Programmable Embedded NVM IP
Lee Cleveland, VP of Engineering, Kilopass

CEVA-XC - Vector DSP for Software-Defined Radio

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Session 4:  Image Processing

Computer Vision in Mobile Devices: The Next Killer App?
Jeff Bier, President and Cofounder, BDTI

Building Advanced Natural User Interfaces for Mobile Devices
Veera Manikandan Raju, Engineering Manager, Texas Instruments

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Session 5:  Wireless Subsystem Design

A Monolithic 'Mobile MIMO' Wi-Fi/BT/FM Combo Chip
Cesar A. Johnston, VP Engineering for Wireless Connectivity, Marvell

Benchmarking 4G Solutions for Mobile Devices
Sebastien Falgayrettes, Product Management, Sequans

Advantages of Hardware Multithreading In Modem Processing
Amit Rohatgi, Principal Architect, MIPS Technologies

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Session 6:  3D Graphics

Advanced Graphics Engines for Multicore Application Processors
Brian Murray, Graphics Architect, Freescale

ARM Mali-400 MP GPU, Bringing Visual Computing to Mobile
Ian Smythe, Director of Marketing, Multimedia Processing Division, ARM

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Session 7:  Multimedia Processing

Parallelism with a Purpose - Balancing Efficiency vs. Flexibility in Mobile SoCs
Steve Cox, VP Business Development, Target Compiler

1 TOPS/W Multicore Multimedia Processor
David Moloney, CTO and Founder, Movidius

Evolving Voice and Audio Requirements for Smartphones
Dror Maydan, Director of Software, Tensilica

5.3 MB

Session 8:  Mobile System Design

Optimizing Battery Life and Sideloading Performance with USB Tunneling
Tim Saxe, CTO, QuickLogic

High-Density and Three-Dimensional Packaging in Mobile Systems
David Carey, VP Technical Intelligence, UBM TechInsights

Smartphone Application Processor Companion Chips
SiliconBlue Technologies

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