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First MPR Issue (1987)

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                                          May 2018
                                          May 21
                                          ThunderX2 Strengthens ARM Servers
                                          BrainChip Aims to Spike Neural Nets
                                          Innovium Delivers 12.8Tbps Switch
                                          May 14
                                          MIPS I7200 CPU Dons New Threads
                                          10nm Problems Slip Ice Lake to 2019
                                          Editorial: Intel Foundry Flounders
                                          May 7
                                          Ryzen 2 Is First 12nm PC Processor
                                          New Wireless MCUs Bolster IoT
                                          TI Builds First Automotive-Radar SoCs
                                          April 2018
                                          PDF of all April Microprocessor Report Articles
                                          Apr 30
                                          Broadcom Switch Blends 4G/5G Radios
                                          Editorial: China’s AI Dream
                                          Ceva First to Launch 802.11ax IP
                                          Apr 23
                                          Exynos 9810 Shows Powerful New CPU
                                          Efinix Samples Its First FPGAs
                                          Cadence Q6 DSP Merges AI and Vision
                                          Apr 16
                                          TSMC 7nm Approaches Intel’s Prowess
                                          Arm Kigen Aims to Secure Cellular IoT
                                          Apr 9
                                          Intel Adds Cores to Core Processors
                                          Clockless Cortex-M3 Cuts Power
                                          Apr 2
                                          Abee Adds AI to Wearables Processor
                                          Microsemi Pushes OTN to Terabits
                                          Mali-G52 Boosts Mainstream Phones
                                          March 2018
                                          PDF of all March Microprocessor Report Articles
                                          Mar 26
                                          Nvidia Shares Its Deep Learning
                                          NXP Pushes i.MX8M Mini to 14nm
                                          IC Economics Limit Performance
                                          Marvell Doubles PAM4 PHY Density
                                          NXP Refits i.MX and Kinetis for IoT
                                          Mar 19
                                          AMD Embeds Graphics in Ryzen
                                          Huawei Joins 5G Modem Race
                                          Spreadtrum Extends Intel Alliance
                                          Mar 12
                                          Broadcom Router Chips Aim at ASICs
                                          Xeon D Soars With Skylake
                                          Ceva PentaG Adds AI to 5G Baseband
                                          Helio P60 Targets “New Premium”
                                          Mar 5
                                          Cambricon Leads China Into AI Chips
                                          Silicon Fingerprints From eMemory
                                          Editorial: 5G Reaches Peak Hype
                                          Snapdragon 820 Tapped for Embedded
                                          February 2018
                                          PDF of all February Microprocessor Report Articles
                                          Feb 26
                                          AMD Embeds Epyc 3000
                                          RISC-V Enables IoT Edge Processor
                                          Snapdragon X24 Doubles Gigabit LTE
                                          Feb 19
                                          Gyrfalcon Shrinks AI Accelerator
                                          Nvidia Xavier Drives to Carmel
                                          Cellular Moves Into Unlicensed Bands
                                          Ampere Reboots X-Gene as eMAG
                                          Feb 12
                                          Editorial: MediaTek Targets New Markets
                                          Nordic Expands Into Cellular IoT
                                          Imagination GPUs Shift to Automotive
                                          Broadcom Opens New Switch SDK
                                          Feb 5
                                          Videantis IP Cores Pack Lots of MACs
                                          Startup Develops Near-Threshold CPUs
                                          Qualcomm QCC5100 Hits Hearables
                                          January 2018
                                          PDF of all January Microprocessor Report Articles
                                          Jan 29
                                          Snapdragon 845 Is a DynamIQ Force
                                          AMD Unfolds PC Roadmap for 2018
                                          Semtech IoT Radios Go the Distance
                                          Ceva NeuPro Accelerates Neural Nets
                                          Jan 22
                                          Neural Engines Rev Up Mobile AI
                                          Editorial: Meltdown: Who’s at Fault?
                                          Jan 15
                                          Analysts’ Choice Winners for 2017
                                          Marvell Delivers 802.11ax Powerhouse
                                          Jan 8
                                          Year in Review: Data Centers Drive Networking
                                          Redpine Scores IoT Triple Play
                                          Synaptics Takes Fingerprints to Infinity


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