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  April 15, 2014   Qualcomm Tips Cortex-A57 Plans
The Snapdragon 810 will include four Cortex-A57 CPUs and four Cortex-A53 CPUs, a high-performance multimedia subsystem, and a leading-edge LTE baseband with three-carrier aggregation.
  April 15, 2014   Spreadtrum Goes Bottom Fishing
Spreadtrum is refreshing the bottom of its line of single-core smartphone processors, replacing the Cortex-A5 CPU with a faster Cortex-A7 and integrating Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  April 8, 2014   Audience Is Always On
The new ES700 series from Audience combines the company's powerful voice-processing technology with a sensor hub, an analog codec, and low-power "always listening" capability.
  April 8, 2014   Exynos 5422 Boosts CPU Speed
Samsung's new octa- and hexa-core application processors, the Exynos 5422 and 5260, improve the CPU speed and add heterogeneous multiprocessing.
  April 8, 2014   PowerVR Wizard Adds Ray Tracing
Imagination's new Wizard family of PowerVR graphics processors are the mobile industry's first GPUs to combine ray-tracing hardware with conventional rasterization.
  April 1, 2014   Allwinner A80 Ups the Ante
China-based Allwinner ships more tablet processors than any other merchant supplier. Its new UltraOcta chip takes the company to new levels of performance.
  April 1, 2014   New Products Level LTE Playing Field
LTE is ramping faster than any previous mobile technology, allowing modem designers to chip away at the leader, Qualcomm, as the industry moves to next-generation LTE-Advanced.
  March 25, 2014   BCM4354 Brings 2x2 Wi-Fi to Phones
Designed for high-end smartphones and tablets, Broadcom's newest Wi-Fi combo chip delivers leading-edge features such as dual-stream 802.11ac, 802.11av, and wireless charging. 
  March 25, 2014   Marvell Powers Up With PXA1928
Using Cortex-A53, the PXA1928 doubles the performance of its predecessor, making Marvell more competitive for LTE smartphones that target China Mobile's network.
  March 18, 2014   Intel Makes Merry in Smartphones
Intel's next-generation smartphone chipsets include dual-core Merrifield and quad-core Moorefield application processors, which can be combined with the new X-Gold 726 chip supporting Category 6 LTE-Advanced with dual-carrier aggregation.
  March 18, 2014   Snapdragon 615 Octs Up
Qualcomm has extended its Snapdragon 600 line for LTE smartphones with the quad-core MSM8936 and the octa-core MSM8939, both using Cortex-A53 to deliver 64-bit ARM capability.
  March 11, 2014   MediaTek Hits a High Note
The new MT6595 offers high-end features like Cortex-A17 and 4K video. The quad-core MT6732 and octa-core MT6752 are MediaTek's first 64-bit processors. All three integrate LTE.
  March 4, 2014   Broadcom Ships First LTE Processor
Broadcom's first integrated LTE processor, the M320, is not only in production but is shipping in a Samsung phone. Technology from the Renesas deal helped accelerate this product.
  March 4, 2014   Cortex-A17 Grows ARM's Midsection
ARM has launched Cortex-A17, extending the life of its older-generation 32-bit cores. It has also introduced the Mali-DP500 display controller, which uses technology acquired from Cadence in September 2013.
  March 3, 2014   Expanding Our Mobile Coverage
Our new Mobile Chip Report covers topics such as application processors, LTE modems, Wi-Fi combo chips, mobile memory, RF, sensors, and power management.
  February 4, 2014   Imagination Extends Family of Rogues
Imagination Technologies continues to expand its family of Series6 GPUs, known by its code-name Rogue, with new models at both the high and low ends.

Most Recent | Archive: 2014   |   2013   |   2012

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