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  July 15, 2014   ARM and Linaro Boost v8 Design
ARM's new Juno is a hardware/software-development platform for designing application processors that integrate ARMv8 CPUs. It includes a test chip that boots to 64-bit Android or Linux
  July 8, 2014   HiSilicon Pushes LTE-A, Octa-Core
Huawei's house brand has delivered the industry's first mobile processor to integrate 300Mbps LTE-Advanced: the Kirin 920.
  July 8, 2014   LPDDR4 Doubles Power Efficiency
The next generation of mobile memory doubles bandwidth at similar power but requires changes to the system design. Future alternatives include WIO2 and more radical approaches.
  July 1, 2014   LTE-Advanced Gets CoMPed
3GPP Release 11 extends LTE with a number of features that emphasize performance and network efficiency, including carrier aggregation and coordinated multipoint (CoMP) transmission.
  June 24, 2014   MediaTek Readies for 4K Race
The new quad-core MT8127 and dual-core MT8117 tablet processors are MediaTek’s first devices to implement an H.265 video decoder in hardware.
  June 24, 2014   MediaTek Targets Every Thing
The highly integrated MT2502 targets smartwatches that sell for less than $30. MediaTek also rolled out two IoT processors with integrated Wi-Fi: the MT7681 and the MT7688.
  June 24, 2014   SlimPort Links USB and 4K Video
The new SlimPort Pro chipsets from Analogix enable 4K displays for smartphones without incurring royalty fees.
  June 17, 2014   Intel Cuts Tablet Deal With Rockchip
Intel will collaborate with Rockchip, a leading vendor of ARM-based tablet processors, to create a quad-core x86 tablet processor that both companies will sell.
  June 17, 2014   Rockchip Steps Up Its Game
The RK3288 is the first production device to integrate Cortex-A17 CPUs. Rockchip hopes the new application processor will help it move up to high-end tablets.
  June 10, 2014   Wireless Charging Resonates
Broadcom has shipped a wireless-power receiver chip for multiple standards, but the battle between the Powermat, Qi, and Rezence standards is just starting to heat up.
  June 3, 2014   Andes Adds Configurability
Like Tensilica and others, Andes now offers its customers the ability to add custom instructions and logic to its licensable CPUs, delivering big performance and power-efficiency improvements.
  May 27, 2014   CMOS Moves to the RF Front End
By combining devices built in more-analog-friendly CMOS processes with the advanced digital capabilities of mobile processors, engineers are finding ways to reduce costs while increasing the flexibility of mobile devices.
  May 20, 2014   Intel Doubles Down on NFC
Intel continues to expand its mobile-connectivity portfolio, paying $19 million to acquire an NFC design team, products, and technology from Inside Secure, an early leader in that field.
  May 20, 2014   Millimeter Wave Seeks Best Home
Qualcomm's reported $300 million offer to acquire Wilocity underscores the excitement surrounding IEEE 802.11ad. The 60GHz millimeter-wave standard now has applications in serial links and small-cell backhaul, as well as high-throughput wireless LANs.
  May 13, 2014   QuickLogic Powers Down Sensor Hub
QuickLogic's ArcticLink 3 S1 enables low-power monitoring of sensors. The company also supplies the FFEAT development tool for simple conversion of sensor algorithms to its FPGA hardware.
  May 6, 2014   Actions Drops Vivante for Imagination
The Actions ATM-7029B integrates the PowerVR SGX540 GPU instead of Vivante's GC1000, boosting Imagination's prospects in the low-end tablet market.
  May 6, 2014   Ceva Targets Wearables
Ceva's new TeakLite-4 Version 2 improves power efficiency and code density. SoC designers can license this DSP, along with the vendor’s Bluetooth IP and software stack, for low-power wearable devices.
  April 29, 2014   Vendors Tussle Over Multiuser Wi-Fi
Qualcomm's next wave of 802.11ac products will include multiuser MIMO to improve network throughput, but in the meantime, Broadcom is using an extra radio chip to provide similar benefits.

Most Recent | Archive: 2014   |   2013   |   2012

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