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A Guide to Ethernet Switch and PHY Chips
Covers Ethernet switch chips for data center, enterprise, and service-provider networks. Also includes physical-layer (PHY) chips for 10G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet.

A Guide to Multicore Processors
Covers 32- and 64-bit embedded processors with four or more CPU cores that are used for wires and wireless communications, storage, security, and other applications.
A Guide to Processors for IoT and Wearables
Covers processors that target wearable devices or client products for the Internet of Things (IoT) and focusing on processors with integrated radios.
A Guide to CPU Cores and Processor IP
Covers intellectual property (IP) cores that can be used in system-on-a-chip (SoC) and ASIC designs, including CPU, GPU, and NoC.
A Guide to Embedded Processors
Covers 32- and 64-bit embedded processors with one to four CPU cores that are used for networking, automotive, consumer devices, industrial control, medical imaging, and more.
A Guide to Network Processors
Focuses on NPUs spanning data rates from 10Gbps to 400Gbps as well as search coprocessors.
Communications Semiconductor Market Forecast 2014–2019
Provides a five-year forecast for more than a dozen categories of communications semiconductors, including network processors (NPUs), Ethernet, PON and VDSL, FPGAs, embedded processors, and base-station processors.
Mobile Semiconductor Market Share Forecast 2014-2019
Forecasts market size and vendor share for application processors, cellular baseband, Wi-Fi combos, GPS, NFC, and other chips for mobile devices.
A Guide to Mobile Processors
Covers application and integrated processors designed for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices
Communications Semiconductor Market Share 2014
Provides market share data for more than 20 categories of communications semiconductors, including Ethernet products, broadband interface chips, embedded processors, FPGAs, and home-networking chips.
A Guide To Server Processors
Covers x86 server processors from AMD and Intel as well as IBM’s Power8 and emerging ARM-based server processors targeting cloud data centers.
A Guide to Processors for Wireless Base Stations
Covers base-station processors that integrate CPUs and DSPs for Layer 1–3 processing on a single chip. Designed primarily for small cells, these processors cut cost and power by replacing multiple chips.
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May 9, 2016

Nvidia Hits HPC First With Pascal (MPR)
Based on the Pascal architecture, the 16nm Tesla P100 GPU uses 56 cores to deliver 5.3Tflops double-precision or 21.1Tflops half-precision while burning 300W.
NXP Economizes With LS2080A (MPR/NWR)
NXP’s newest QorIQ processors, the octa-core LS2080A and quad-core LS2040A, bring lower-power and lower-cost options to the ARMv8-based LS2-series.
Ethertronics Steers Smarter Antennas (MCR)
The EC459, a smart antenna chip, actively steers the antenna’s sensitivity to the received signal. Ethertronics also launched the EC686 and EC486 RF switch chips.
Editorial: AMD Goes to China (MPR)
AMD is the latest chip vendor to partner with a Chinese company, but similar partnerships have not worked out well for foreign companies that share their valuable IP.
Convertible PCs Sail on Apollo Lake (MPR)
Apollo Lake is Intel’s next-generation entry-level processor for PCs. The 14nm device, which integrates the new Goldmont CPU, succeeds Cherry Trail for mini PCs and 2-in-1 convertible tablets.

May 2, 2016

Cavendish Uses MEMS to Improve RF (MCR)
Building on its initial success in aperture tuning, Cavendish Kinetics is announcing new SmartSwitch and SmartDiversity products based on its unique MEMS switching technology.
Marvell NBase-T PHY Removes 10G (NWR)
Marvell is spinning off 2.5Gbps/5Gbps PHY devices from the 10GBase-T Alaska X, its first product to support NBase-T specifications.
HBM2 Doubles Bandwidth, Capacity (MPR)
The second-generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) increases memory capacity and bandwidth, adds ECC support, and improves memory-controller efficiency.

April 25, 2016

NXP Debuts QorIQ Cortex-A72 (MPR/NWR)
The industry’s first embedded processors to use Cortex-A72, the quad-core LS1046A and dual-core LS1026A improve performance, particularly for mixed control- and data-plane networking.
AMD FirePro Reinvigorates HPC (MPR)
The new FirePro S9300x2 is the industry’s highest-performance single-precision GPU. The Radeon Open Compute tool chain adds support for C/C++ and Cuda software.
AMS Sensors See the Light (MCR)
The industry’s largest supplier of light sensors, AMS is adapting this technology to more advanced applications such as color correction, gesture recognition, and health monitoring. 
Precise-ITC Debuts 400G Mapper IP (NWR)
Precise-ITC of Ottawa demonstrated an FPGA-based 400Gbps mapper at the recent Optical Fiber Communication conference. Callite-C4 maps 400GbE and 4x100GbE to OTUC4 optical-transport-network (OTN) rates.
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