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A Guide To Server Processors
Covers x86 server processors from AMD and Intel as well as IBM’s Power8 and emerging ARM-based server processors targeting cloud data centers.
A Guide to Ethernet Switch and PHY Chips
Covers Ethernet switch chips for data center, enterprise, and service-provider networks. Also includes physical-layer (PHY) chips for 10G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet.
Guide to Processors for IoT and Wearables
Covers processors that target wearable devices or client products for the Internet of Things (IoT) and focusing on processors with integrated radios.
A Guide to Processors for Wireless Base Stations
Covers base-station processors that integrate CPUs and DSPs for Layer 1–3 processing on a single chip. Designed primarily for small cells, these processors cut cost and power by replacing multiple chips.
A Guide to Network Processors
Focuses on NPUs spanning data rates from 10Gbps to 400Gbps as well as search coprocessors.
A Guide to CPU Cores and Processor IP
Covers intellectual property (IP) cores that can be used in system-on-a-chip (SoC) and ASIC designs, including CPU and GPU.
Communications Semiconductor Market Forecast 2013–2018
Provides a five-year forecast for more than a dozen categories of communications semiconductors, including network processors (NPUs), Ethernet, PON and VDSL, CPU IP, FPGAs, embedded processors, and base-station processors.
Mobile Semiconductor Market Share Forecast 2013-2018
Forecasts market size and vendor share for application processors, cellular baseband, Wi-Fi combos, GPS, NFC, and other chips for mobile devices.
A Guide to Multicore Processors
Covers embedded processors with four or more CPU cores that are used for wired and wireless communications, storage, security, and other applications.
A Guide to Mobile Processors
Covers application and integrated processors designed for smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices
Communications Semiconductor Market Share 2013
Provides market share data for more than 20 categories of communications semiconductors, including Ethernet products, broadband interface chips, embedded processors, FPGAs, interconnect chips, and home-networking chips.
A Guide to Embedded Processors
Covers 32- and 64-bit processors with one to four CPU cores that are used for networking, communications, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, and more.
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May 25, 2015

MT6797 Is a Perfect Ten (MCR)
Combining 10 CPUs in three clusters, MediaTek’s Helio X20 offers the industry’s best CPU performance in a smartphone processor with integrated Category 6 LTE.
Arteris FlexNoC Gets Physical (MPR)
Arteris is introducing FlexNoC Physical, a new version of its network-on-a-chip that strives to eliminate timing-closure problems. Using automated tools, it can insert pipeline stages in critical data paths between IP blocks.
Spreadtrum Crashes LTE Party (MCR)
Spreadtrum may be late to the LTE party with its SC9830A, but the new chip’s high level of integration and performance may give it an edge over other low-cost quad-core processors.
Freescale Equips QorIQ for SDN/NFV (NWR)
Freescale is offering pre-integrated software and reference designs for SDN and NFV. Partner Advantech provides a network-services switching platform that is OpenFlow 1.3 compliant.

May 18, 2015

Silicon Photonics Converge on QSFP28 (NWR)
The small-form-factor QSFP28 package has recently emerged as the ideal 100Gbps data-center module for high faceplate density, spurring new efforts at silicon-photonics integration.
N100 is Audience's Final Applause (MCR)
Audience has launched the N100, combining sensor-fusion algorithms with speech detection. The recent Knowles acquisition should boost the struggling company.
Editorial: Bigger and Better Than Ever (MPR)
It's been five years since The Linley Group acquired Microprocessor Report. During that time, the processor industry has changed, and we have changed along with it.

May 11, 2015

ARM Optimizes Cortex-A72 for Phones (MPR/MCR)
ARM’s newest microarchitecture refines Cortex-A57, improving performance while reducing die area and power, while preparing for a bigger jump in the next generation.
Haswell-EX Brings TSX to Servers (MPR)
Intel’s 22nm Haswell-EX is a socket-compatible update to the Xeon E7 platform that significantly boosts performance and power efficiency while upgrading to DDR4 memory.
Broadcom Fills Switch-Roadmap Gaps (NWR)
Broadcom has sampled Trident II+ (BCM56860), which it intends as a 28nm midlife kicker to the popular 40nm Trident II. The new switch adds support for 100GbE uplinks.
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