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Communications Semiconductor Market Forecast 2020-2025
Provides five-year revenue forecasts for many categories of communications semiconductors, including Ethernet products, smart NICs, embedded and server processors, and FPGAs.
Communications Semiconductor Market Share 2020
Provides market share data for many categories of communications semiconductors, including Ethernet products, processors, and FPGAs.
A Guide to Processors for Deep Learning
Covers processors for accelerating deep learning, neural networks, and vision processing for AI training and inference in data centers, autonomous vehicles, and client devices.

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Software Is Critical to Edge-AI Deployment
This white paper describes the importance of a flexible and robust software stack to edge-AI deployment. Processor vendors and intellectual-property licensers often tout the theoretical performance of their designs, but the neural-network compiler, run-time engine, and scheduler are just as critical to realizing that potential in production systems.
Qualcomm Defines Premium-Smartphone Cameras
The Snapdragon 888 and 888+ are the latest flagship processors from Qualcomm, offering a collection of industry-leading camera technologies that provide a lead over competitors on DXOmark’s camera and video benchmark. These processors enable feature-rich 4K HDR video and photography, AI-driven “3A” technology, and industry leading hardware to allow one-inch camera sensors.
DPU-Based Hardware Acceleration: A Software Perspective
Data-processing units (DPUs) promise greater data-center efficiency, but low-level-programming requirements have hindered broad adoption. Nvidia aims to remove this obstacle using its DOCA framework, which abstracts the programming of  BlueField DPUs. Furthermore, customers will be able to program future converged DPU+GPU hardware using the combination of DOCA and CUDA.
CertusPro-NX Reinvigorates General-Purpose FPGAs
CertusPro-NX, the fourth product developed using Lattice Semiconductor’s Nexus platform in the last 18 months, delivers class-leading power, performance, and size for diverse applications. These general-purpose FPGAs offer low power, small packages, and high-bandwidth I/Os, such as PCIe Gen3 and Gigabit Ethernet. They’re well suited to edge AI, industrial IoT, 5G control planes, and other tasks.
Chiplets Gain Rapid Adoption: Why Big Chips Are Getting Small
Leading chip vendors such as AMD and Intel have adopted chiplet technology for several products. This technology can reduce cost for large 7nm designs by as much as 25%, according to our analysis; the savings are even greater at 5nm and beyond. We expect chiplets will be widely used for data-center processors and networking chips in these advanced nodes.
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October 25, 2021

Apple A15 Extends Battery Life
The new A15 processor doubles its system cache to an industry-leading 32MB and drives double-digit performance gains across the CPU, GPU, and AI engine, while boosting battery life.
Editorial: Intel AI Strategy Ready to Reboot
To avoid customer confusion and strengthen its market position, Intel must rationalize an array of overlapping AI chips that have taxed the resources of even the world’s largest processor vendor.
Coherent Logix Debuts Edge-AI SoC
After serving niche applications with its reconfigurable designs, Coherent Logix introduced an SoC that will serve as a development vehicle for edge AI, software-defined radio, and other real-time applications.

October 18, 2021

Google Builds Video-Transcoder Chip
To better support its massive YouTube business, Google has created its own video-transcoding chip. The VCU design offers a 40x performance gain compared with CPUs.
Loihi 2 Advances Spiking R&D
Intel Labs has developed a second-generation neuromorphic processor using the Intel 4 process. It’s also offering the open-source Lava framework to advance neuromorphic software.

October 11, 2021

Anton 3 Cracks Molecular Dynamics
Billionaire David E. Shaw has spent two decades quietly building highly specialized supercomputers. Anton 3 is his newest ASIC for accelerating molecular-dynamics simulations.
Samsung Demos In-Memory Processing
The company disclosed architecture and performance details for the processor-in-memory (PIM) version of its popular Aquabolt HBM2. The HBM-PIM, dubbed Aquabolt-XL, adds compute to a drop-in HBM2 stack.
Cadence Takes Tensilica AI to the Max
The new Tensilica AI lineup comprises three product tiers that Cadence calls AI Base, AI Boost, and AI Max, along with a new accelerator and a multicore model that can deliver up to 32 TOPS.

October 4, 2021

Enflame Lifts Veil on Training Chip
The well-funded Chinese AI startup revealed architectural details of its first chip shortly after announcing its T20 second-generation design with 4x better inference performance plus TF32 for training.
Dimensity 810 Trims Phone Power
The new Dimensity 810 boosts the single-thread CPU throughput by 17% compared with the Dimensity 800 while reducing power consumption, while the Dimensity 920 upgrades gaming performance.
Kompanio Powers 5G Tablets
MediaTek has added a new brand to its portfolio by introducing two tablet processors, refreshing its Arm compute strategy by reusing its latest Dimensity smartphone chips.

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