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Communications Semiconductor Market Forecast 2020-2025
Provides five-year revenue forecasts for many categories of communications semiconductors, including Ethernet products, smart NICs, embedded and server processors, and FPGAs.
Communications Semiconductor Market Share 2020
Provides market share data for many categories of communications semiconductors, including Ethernet products, processors, and FPGAs.
A Guide to Processors for Deep Learning
Covers processors for accelerating deep learning, neural networks, and vision processing for AI training and inference in data centers, autonomous vehicles, and client devices.

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Software Is Critical to Edge-AI Deployment
This white paper describes the importance of a flexible and robust software stack to edge-AI deployment. Processor vendors and intellectual-property licensers often tout the theoretical performance of their designs, but the neural-network compiler, run-time engine, and scheduler are just as critical to realizing that potential in production systems.
Qualcomm Defines Premium-Smartphone Cameras
The Snapdragon 888 and 888+ are the latest flagship processors from Qualcomm, offering a collection of industry-leading camera technologies that provide a lead over competitors on DXOmark’s camera and video benchmark. These processors enable feature-rich 4K HDR video and photography, AI-driven “3A” technology, and industry leading hardware to allow one-inch camera sensors.
DPU-Based Hardware Acceleration: A Software Perspective
Data-processing units (DPUs) promise greater data-center efficiency, but low-level-programming requirements have hindered broad adoption. Nvidia aims to remove this obstacle using its DOCA framework, which abstracts the programming of  BlueField DPUs. Furthermore, customers will be able to program future converged DPU+GPU hardware using the combination of DOCA and CUDA.
CertusPro-NX Reinvigorates General-Purpose FPGAs
CertusPro-NX, the fourth product developed using Lattice Semiconductor’s Nexus platform in the last 18 months, delivers class-leading power, performance, and size for diverse applications. These general-purpose FPGAs offer low power, small packages, and high-bandwidth I/Os, such as PCIe Gen3 and Gigabit Ethernet. They’re well suited to edge AI, industrial IoT, 5G control planes, and other tasks.
Chiplets Gain Rapid Adoption: Why Big Chips Are Getting Small
Leading chip vendors such as AMD and Intel have adopted chiplet technology for several products. This technology can reduce cost for large 7nm designs by as much as 25%, according to our analysis; the savings are even greater at 5nm and beyond. We expect chiplets will be widely used for data-center processors and networking chips in these advanced nodes.
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December 6, 2021

NXP i.MX93 Adds AI to IoT Devices
The first i.MX9 processor will pack 64-bit CPUs, an MCU, and an AI accelerator to handle a range of IoT applications, including industrial control, smart home, smart city, and smart grid.
MediaTek Aims to Change Smart TVs
With its Pentonic 2000 processor, the TV-chip leader delivers impressive CPU, GPU, and AI-engine improvements to enable new capabilities such as bidirectional video and gaming without a console.
Centaur Trots Off Into the Sunset
After a 26-year run, Centaur Technology has reached the end of the trail. Glenn Henry’s processor-design team, known for its x86 expertise, has become part of Intel.

November 29, 2021

AMD CDNA2 Targets Supercomputers
AMD’s Instinct MI250 and MI250X GPUs deliver extreme floating-point performance through massive parallelism, targeting high-end scientific and government research with leading FP64 throughput.
Imagination CXT Fires Photons
At 1.3 billion rays per second, the Photon architecture in Imagination’s new PowerVR CXT RT3 GPU enables hardware-accelerated real-time ray tracing for the first time in mobile devices.
Kneron KL530 Targets Automotive
Kneron is targeting emerging computer-vision models with its KL530. The new SoC delivers 0.5 trillion INT8 operations per second (TOPS) and supports INT4 format for greater throughput.

November 22, 2021

Cracking Open Snapdragon’s 4-Pack
In its latest mainstream push, Qualcomm delivers a fresh four-pack filled with CPU, GPU, and camera upgrades. It’s raising performance across multiple segments from low-end to mid-premium.
Editorial: The Next Microprocessor Decade
Some trends that are big today began more than a decade ago as inconspicuous events. How will recent events look in 10 years? I foresee new architectures and new accelerators but the same transistors.
Epyc Roadmap Gets Specialized
AMD recently disclosed new details of its Epyc server-processor roadmap, including Milan-X with V-Cache, Genoa based on Zen 4 cores, and Bergamo scaling to 128 cores.

November 15, 2021

History of the Microprocessor, Part 3
As we celebrate the anniversary of the Intel 4004, this article extends our microprocessor history by covering the top trends from the past decade, including the rise of AI, Nvidia, processor startups, and RISC-V.
50 Billion Transistors in 50 Years
Microprocessors have improved by seven orders of magnitude—from 2,300 to 54 billion transistors—in only five decades. To illustrate these changes, we highlight a handful of industry-defining products.

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