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The Linley Group is the leading supplier of independent technology analysis and strategic consulting in semiconductors for a broad range of applications including networking, communications, PCs, servers, mobile, and embedded.

We cover emerging and mature markets such as mobile application processors, cellular baseband processors, mobile connectivity chips, Ethernet chips and controllers, CPU and GPU cores, DSPs, high-speed interconnects, embedded processors, microcontrollers, PC processors, server processors, FPGAs, broadband chips, optical chips, and more. For those seeking quantitative data, we offer market forecast and market share reports for both wired and wireless communications semiconductors.

The Linley Group provides a number of services to its clients:

Our analyst team possesses the unique combination of technical expertise and specific market knowledge to help you successfully navigate the complexities of these markets. With broad backgrounds in product design, marketing, management, and industry analysis, we deliver informed, real-world perspectives to your issues.

We help clients understand the market for these devices, vendor strategies, key differentiators, technology trends, and how to select the right device for a specific application. We deliver the crucial information necessary to make intelligent business decisions.

The Linley Group is an exclusive Council Partner of the Gerson Lehrman Group and is available for calls with GLG clients.

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