Data Center Conference 2014
Covers system design for data-center servers and networking
Held On February 5 - 6, 2014

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Agenda for Day Two: Thursday February 6, 2014
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Keynote: The Rise of the Cloud – Boom or Doom for the Hardware Industry?
Kushagra Vaid, Partner, Eclipse Ventures

Cloud computing is growing at an exponential pace with ever more applications being hosted in mega-scale public clouds such as Microsoft Azure. Designing and operating such large infrastructure requires not only significant investments in datacenters, servers, networking and operating systems, but also new paradigms for seamlessly integrating technologies and supply chains to drive higher efficiency and lower overall TCO. The magnitude of these massive investments by cloud datacenter operators and the impact they are having on the hardware industry cannot be underestimated as they upend traditional business models, drive simultaneous customization and standardization, and redefine the role and scope of industry innovation. In this talk, we will gain an understanding of the scale of cloud infrastructure buildouts, discuss the disruptive industry trends being driven by the relentless demands of cloud economics, and wrap up with insights into challenges and opportunities for the hardware industry in adapting to the rapidly evolving requirements of large-scale cloud providers.

Q&A will follow the keynote presentation.

10:00am-10:20amBREAK – Sponsored by Freescale
10:20am-11:20amSession 4: Data-Center Architecture

Distributed Data Centers - Architectures and Solutions
Raghu Kondapalli, Director of Strategic Planning and Technology, LSI

Even though there is significant scale and innovation needs around mega data centers, distributed data center architectures which started out with content caching type of use cases are becoming more prevalent. The emerging collaborative communications, Internet-of-Things and gaming use cases require data centers be available on-demand closer to the edge/user. Solutions require agile applications from cloud to edge, with tighter latency/jitter for compute, storage and network. This presentation covers emerging distributed data center architectures, deployment challenges and proposes possible solutions.

High Performance Data Center Analytics with RapidIO
Devashish Paul, Director Strategic Marketing-Systems Solutions, IDT

RapidIO enables a Data Center fabric with low latency, 20 Gbps bandwidth, 6.4GFlops per watt performance, and scalability to 1000's of nodes in any topology. This presentation will detail this interconnect along with the RapidIO Data Center Compute and Networking Platform.

There will be Q&A and a panel discussion featuring above speakers.

11:20am-12:20pmSession 5: Fat Pipes: Connecting the Modern Data Center

This session, moderated by Jag Bolaria, Principal Analyst at The Linley Group, will focus on advances in physical-layer and transport technologies.

Bandwidth on Demand, Why Not?
Francesco Caggioni, Sr. Director of Marketing & Technology, AppliedMicro

Amazon AWS pioneered the cloud, and today everyone can talk about trigger-based instantiation of compute or storage resources. Networks are still lagging behind.
Consumers can typically call their service provider and upgrade to a better bandwidth profile, although this can't be done automatically. The B2B situation is worse, where a bandwidth upgrade still requires a truck roll. This presentation will look at aspects of the network that are ready for bandwidth on demand and others that still require innovation.

Road to 2Tb and Onwards: Disruptive Technologies Shaping Data Center Growth
Siddharth Sheth, Vice President of Marketing, High-speed Connectivity Products, Inphi

The shift to MSDCs is changing the game for innovation worldwide. Leaders like Amazon, Facebook and Apple need to address critical trends in the DC and provide a converged scalable network infrastructure at the hardware layer. Connectivity solutions in these DCs that drive towards the lowest $/Gbps are also gaining acceptance with silicon photonics & board mounted optics at 100G. We will further examine the crossroads of these disruptive technologies that will pave the way for DC systems that carry 2.4Tb+.

There will be Q&A and a panel discussion featuring above speakers.

12:20pm-1:20pmLUNCH – Sponsored by AppliedMicro Circuits
1:20pm-2:10pmSession 6: SDN Switching

This session, moderated by Bob Wheeler, Principal Analyst at The Linley Group, will cover data-plane implementations in SDN-enabled switches and related networking equipment.

SDN Switch Processing in the Next-Generation Data Center
Satish Swarnkar, Director of Software Products, Freescale

The data center as we know it is going through a tremendous transformation – the number of devices accessing data centers is increasing exponentially, while virtualization, management and new topologies are driving demand for innovation in data center networks. A catalyst for this innovation, Software Defined Networking (SDN) changes the nature of switch hardware and increases software-based processing requirements in the switch. In this talk, Freescale will discuss solutions that leverage proven processing and acceleration technologies and allow customers to differentiate their SDN switch products.

Challenges in Implementing high-performance SDN and NFV systems
Sandeep Shah, Director of Systems Architecture, EZchip

SDN and NFV promise to simplify networks, but they don't necessarily simplify the underlying hardware and software. This presentation discusses the challenges facing system designers to implement these new technologies when building large, secure and resilient networks, thereby demanding higher-performance processors optimized for flexible and scalable data-plane forwarding.

Q&A to follow each talk.

2:10pm-3:00pmSession 7: Software-Defined Networking Panel

Moderated by Bob Wheeler, Principal Analyst at The Linley Group, this panel will examine the current state of SDN standards and implementations and explore the impact SDN is having on silicon, system, and software designs.



Sandeep Shah, Director of Systems Architecture, EZchip
Satish Swarnkar, Director of Software Products, Freescale
Nabil Damouny, Vice Chair, ONF Market Education Committee & Sr. Director, Strategic Marketing, Netronome
Christos Kolias, Sr. Research Scientist, Orange Silicon Valley



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