Linley Data Center Conference 2015
Covers system design for data-center servers and networking
Held on February 25 - 26, 2015

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Agenda for Day Two: Thursday February 26, 2015
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The Growing Diversity in Today’s Data Center
Tom Bradicich, Vice President of Server Engineering, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Trending in the IT industry today are enhancements to traditional data centers, such as workload optimized servers with SoC (System on a Chip) and accelerator technologies such as DSPs, GPUs, and FPGAs. These trends and the popular system embodiment, the HP Moonshot system platform, are discussed along with how they are providing customers with critical business, engineering, and scientific insight. The discussion closes with some vision-casting into how workload optimization will affect the future of popular emerging marketectures, such as the "Internet of Things," the "Industrial Internet," and "Cyber-physical Systems".

10:00am-10:30amSession 4: Enabling the Adoption of SDN & NFV

This session, moderated by Bob Wheeler, Principal Analyst at The Linley Group, will discuss the SDN and NFV transitions from the unique perspective of the leading server-processor vendor.

Software, Silicon, Standards – Unlocking the SDN/NFV Paradigm Shift
Rajesh Gadiyar, Director of Architecture, Software Defined Infrastructure, Intel

SDN and NFV are poised to transform how networks are designed, deployed and managed across telecom, enterprise and cloud. Open source and open standards combined with a rapidly growing software ecosystem will play a critical role in shaping how and where the transformation will take place. In this session, Intel will present both the challenges and opportunities for the market as well as share it's strategy to accelerate the transformation with open source and open standards-based solutions running on standard high-volume server and switch platforms.

10:30am-10:50amBREAK – Sponsored by Freescale
10:50am-12:20pmSession 5: Redefining the Server NIC

This session, moderated by Bob Wheeler, Principal Analyst at The Linley Group, explores Ethernet controllers and adapters that offload major network functions from server CPUs.

Purpose-built Server Adapters for Host-based SDN
Sujal Das, SVP, Strategy, Netronome

Large data center operators are deploying SDN where it is the most natural - in the server where they have control of the networking stack. The vSwitch is the enabler of such host-based SDN. With 10/25/40GbE connectivity to servers, and increased numbers of tenants, VMs and associated policies, the CPU cycles required for data plane processing becomes prohibitive. To enable scaling, hardware-based offloads through flow table APIs are evolving. Purpose-built programmable server adapters can thereby deliver host-based SDN at higher performance and efficiency.

Acceleration of NFV - Integrated NFV Nodes and Intelligent NICs
Bharat Mota, Director of Engineering, Freescale

The rapid migration of network functions from physical machines to the cloud and widespread deployment of virtualized network functions (VNFs) add substantial new demands on compute servers that are often designed to handle non-network workloads. This presentation will cover ways to optimize NFV servers using an innovative Layerscape architecture to achieve higher capacity and performance.

Terminator Core IP: High Performance Converged Ethernet Interface Engine
Ásgeir Eiriksson, CTO, Chelsio Communications

Server SoC are expected to integrate high-speed network connectivity, but the Ethernet options available typically suffer from high CPU load and memory usage. In this talk, Chelsio discusses how its Terminator Core IP provides a 10GE/40GE solution that combines high performance with high efficiency. The Core IP is a silicon proven, configurable Ethernet packet processing engine that minimizes CPU load and memory usage by offloading protocol processing for iSCSI, FCoE, RDMA, TCP/IP and UDP/IP socket applications.

There will be Q&A and a panel discussion featuring above speakers.

1:20pm-2:30pmSession 6: Cloud-Server Processors

This session, moderated by Jag Bolaria, Principal Analyst at The Linley Group, will discuss new processor options for data-center servers.

OpenPOWER and POWER8 - Changing the Game with Open Technology
Bradley McCredie, VP / IBM Fellow, Power Systems Development, IBM

The IT industry is facing its largest challenge to date to the relentless system cost/performance improvements that have driven its progress. Our ability to meet this challenge with traditional tools of Si Technology and Microarchitecture has eroded, and new means to progress the cost/performance metric are emerging. Find out what it means to build an OpenStack, Open Compute, OpenPOWER design, and how this design is leveraging POWER8 to meet these challenges of modern IT.

Accelerating Cloud and NFV Applications Using Workload-optimized Processors
Gopal Hegde, VP & GM, Server Processor Business Unit, Marvell

Traditional server architectures were designed a decade ago to support a wide variety of applications. Next-generation HyperScale Data Centers are deploying applications that are inherently scale out, while network function virtualization (NFV) applications use virtualization and commodity hardware to reduce TCO compared with dedicated telecom hardware. This presentation discusses the requirements of some common cloud and NFV workloads and describes how a processor system on a chip (SoC) that integrates workload-specific accelerators can benefit such workloads and how these accelerators can be made seamless to software.

There will be Q&A and a panel discussion featuring above speakers plus Parag Jain, Senior Director of Mega Data Centers Solutions, Broadcom.

2:30pm-2:40pmBREAK - Sponsored by Freescale
2:40pm-3:30pmSession 7: Future Directions in Cloud Computing

In this session, Bob Wheeler, Principal Analyst, Linley Group,  will host a forum of experts to discuss cloud-computing trends and their impact on data-center architectures, technologies, and system designs. Panelists from various disciplines and company types will provide attendees with a variety of perspectives on the evolving data center.


Yuval Bachar, Hardware Network Architect, Facebook
Prasad Adem, Sr. Director, Global Solutions Engineering & Moonshot, Hewlett-Packard
Peter Magnusson, Senior Vice President, Cloud Development, Oracle
Valentin Bercovici, Senior Director, Office of the CTO, NetApp
Christos Kolias, Senior Research Scientis
t, Orange Silicon Valley



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