Linley Fall Processor Conference 2018
Covers processors and IP cores used in embedded, communications, automotive, IoT, and server designs.
Held October 31 - November 1, 2018
Proceedings available

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The Linley Fall Processor Conference was held on October 31 - November 1, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA. Proceedings are now available at the above link.

This two-day conference featured technical presentations addressing processors for communications, IoT, servers, and advanced automotive systems, with a special focus on AI acceleration across these markets.The program included 29 talks, 2 keynotes, and 12 product or technology announcements, such as:

An Advanced DSP Architecture for Neural Networks and Audio Processing,
Sachin Ghanekar, Design Engineering Group Director, Cadence

Implementing Flexible Interconnect Topologies for Machine Learning Acceleration,
Kurt Shuler, VP of Marketing, ArterisIP

On-Device AI Processing for IoT Applications,
Anar Mehta, Product Manager, Qualcomm

A High-Performance Reconfigurable Neural Accelerator with Low DRAM Bandwidth,
Cheng Wang, Co-Founder, Sr VP Engineering, Flex Logix

Eliminating the Gaps in Securing Data from Creation-to-Use,
Kevin Deierling, Vice President of Marketing, Mellanox

Line-Rate Link Protection Beyond 400Gbps,
Maxim Demchenko, Silicon IP Solutions Architect, Inside Secure

Improving Server Efficiency by Optimizing the Network Interface and Its Memory,
Salman Jiva, Sr. Business Development Manager, CNBU, Micron

An Open, Composable Architecture for Best-in-Class Domain-Specific Accelerators,
Niel Viljoen, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Netronome

Bringing AndeStar Advantages to RISC-V Processors,
Justin Tseng, Vice President of RD-VLSI and M&S, Andes Technology

Opportunities and Challenges of Building Silicon in the Cloud,
Yunsup Lee, CTO, SiFive

Secure Processing After Meltdown and Spectre,
Ben Levine, Senior Director of Product Management, Rambus

Scalable FPGA Platform for High-Volume Products,
Sammy Cheung, Founder, President, and CEO, Efinix

Deterministic Network and I/O Connectivity Requirements of the Industrial IoT,
Jeff Steinheider, Digital Networking, Product Manager, NXP

Low-Power GNSS for Tomorrow's IoT SoCs,
Richard Edgar, Director of Communications Technology, Ensigma, Imagination

Reducing SoC Bandwidth Consumption for Performance, Power and Cost Tuning,
Kristof Beets, Senior Director of Product Management & Technology Marketing, PowerVR Graphics, Imagination

Reducing Power and Accelerating Neural-Network Performance in Android Devices,
Allen Watson, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

Addressing Small-Processor Security Today and Tomorrow,
Derek Atkins, Chief Technology Officer, SecureRF

Physically Securing Your IoT Device at the Silicon Level,
Diya Soubra, Director Business Development, Arm

Keynote Presentation:
Codesign in Google TPUs: Inference, Training, Performance, and Scalability,
Cliff Young, Engineer, Google

An Ecosystem and Strategy for Accelerating AI at the Edge,
Fadi Azhari, VP, Marketing, Wave Computing

A Specialized Processor for Deep-Learning Inference at the Edge,
Yair Siegel, Director of Marketing, CEVA

Energy Limited - Machine Learning Inference at the Edges,
Paul Master, Co-founder and CTO, Cornami

Scaling for Production: Balancing Flexibility with Efficiency for Automotive AI,
Tony King-Smith, Executive Advisor, AImotive

Enabling A Mixed Safety-Criticality Future,
Govind Wathan, Senior Product Manager, Arm

Efficient Processing for Automotive Radar and Lidar,
Graham Wilson, Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys

Memory Systems for AI and Leading-Edge Applications,
Steven Woo, VP, Systems and Solutions and Distinguished Inventor, Office of the CTO, Rambus

AI Shapes Next-Generation Memory Solutions,
Ryan Baxter, Director of Datacenter Marketing, CNBU, Micron

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