Linley Tech Processor Conference 2011
Focusing on Networking and Communications
Held October 5-6, 2011

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Session 1: Keynotes

State of the Processor
Linley Gwennap, Principal Analyst, The Linley Group

.9 MB

Session 2: Processors for Base Stations

A New Multicarrier, 150Mbps Small-Cell 4G Base Station SoC
YJ Kim, Cavium

Multicore Solutions for Data-Plane Challenges in 4G/LTE Networks and Network Security
Dilip Ramachandran, NetLogic Microsystems

3.8 MB

Session 3: Data-Plane Software

Network User Plane Architectures on Multicore: Trends & Solutions
Srini Addepalli, Freescale

Extracting the Maximum System-Level Performance from Multicore Processors
Eric Carmès, 6WIND

Using Intel Processors for Data-Plane Processing
Rajesh Gadiyar, Intel

3.8 MB

Session 4: Data-Plane Processing

Solving Challenges in All-IP Networks
David Sonnier, LSI

NPA-0: A 5G NPU With Integrated TM and CPU for Access Applications
Jim Scott, EZchip

Balancing Multicore Processors and Offloads
Majid Bemanian, AppliedMicro

Enabling Flexible Data-Plane Processing with the TILEGx Many-Core Processor
Bob Doud, Tilera

Q&A panel discussion featuring speakers of this session and Doron Tal, BroadLight

5.9 MB

Session 5: Software-Defined Networking

Software-Defined Networking
Christos Kolias, Orange

1.7 MB

Session 6: Secure System Design and Virtualization

Virtualization-Based Embedded-System Security
Ranganathan “Suds” Sudhakar, MIPS

Multicore Domain Protection–Resource Virtualization and Isolation
Satish Sathe, AppliedMicro

Challenges of Multi-Gigabit Security Protocol Acceleration in Modern SoCs
Steve Singer, AuthenTec

Q&A panel discussion featuring speakers of this session and Andre Hassan - Kilopass
5.9 MB

Session 7: 100Gbps Networking

Flow Processor Architectures for 100Gbps Open Flow and Next-Gen Firewall Designs
Niel Viljoen, Netronome

Bringing It All Together: Deep Packet Processing at 100G
Mike Coward, Radisys

Q&A panel discussion featuring speakers of this session and Per Lembre - Xelerate

2.9 MB

Session 8: Processor Design

Introduction to the e6500 Core
John Arends, Freescale

Heterogeneous Multicore Designs Using a Standard ISA
Kumaran Siva, ARM

Advances in Reconfigurable Processing Platforms
Dan Isaacs, Xilinx

6.7 MB

Session 9: Memory and Memory Alternatives

A Search Processor for Deterministic Forwarding and Classification
Rajneesh Gaur, Cavium

Alleviating the Burden of Gathering Network Statistics
Michael Miller, MoSys

Extending Technology Leadership with Advanced Hybrid Knowledge-based Processors
Rajagopal Krishnaswamy, NetLogic Microsystems

Q&A panel discussion featuring speakers of this session and David Chapman - GSI Technologies

3.9 MB

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