Linley Tech Carrier Conference 2011

Held June 7-8, 2011

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Session 1:  Keynote

Carrier-Equipment Design Trends
Bob Wheeler and Jag Bolaria, Senior Analysts, The Linley Group

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Session 2:  Wireless-Infrastructure Trends

Big Demand Drives Small Solutions
Stephen Turnbull, Marketing Manager, Wireless Access Division, Freescale

Evolution of Wireless Infrastructure
Kent Fisher, Solution Architect, Networking Components Division, LSI

Cloud Base Stations: Revolution or Evolution?
Debbie Greenstreet, Marketing Director, Wireless Base Station Infrastructure, Texas Instruments

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Session 3:  Advanced Packet Processing

Adding an Intelligent Flow Processing Layer to Carrier Ethernet Networks
Daniel Proch, Director of Product Management, Netronome

Bandwidth Engine Enabling 100G+ through Multi-Banked Architecture
Michael Miller, VP of Technology Innovation & System Applications, MoSys

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Session 4:  Packet-Optical Transport

Ethernet & OTN: The New Transport Layer
Francesco Caggioni, Director of Strategic Marketing & PLM, Transport Business Unit, AppliedMicro

Next-Generation Packet-over-OTN Design
Wally Haas, Senior Director, Newfoundland Technology Centre, Altera

FPGAs: Addressing the Insatiable Bandwidth in Carrier/Optical Networking
Shreyas Shah, Solution Architect, Communications Business Unit, Xilinx

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Session 5: 4G-Infrastructure Design

Portable Networking Software Platforms for 4G Infrastructure Equipment
Eric Carmès, Founder and CEO, 6WIND

Market Leading 4G Mobile Infrastructure Solutions
YJ Kim, General Manager, Infrastructure Processor Group, Cavium Networks

Multi-Processor Signal Processing for LTE Base Stations
Jim Johnston, CTO, Communications Convergence Processing, Mindspeed Technologies

Revolutionary Digital Front End (DFE) Processors for Next-Generation Base Stations
Roy Batruni, VP of Engineering, DFE Processors, NetLogic Microsystems

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Session 6:  PON Access Technologies

Next-Generation Access Networks - What's Next?
Doron Tal, VP Business Development & Product Marketing, Broadlight

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Session 7:  Wireline Infrastructure

NP-5: A 200-Gigabit NPU
Amir Eyal, VP Business Development, EZchip

Trends in Carrier Ethernet and Packet Transport System Design
James Sun, CEO, Centec Networks

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Session 8:  Multicore Processors for Carrier Equipment

Protecting OEMs' Software Investment
Majid Bemanian, Sr. Director of Marketing, AppliedMicro

Delivered Performance of a 32-Core Processor for Networking
Shubu Mukherjee, Distinguished Engineer, Cavium Networks

XLP Multicore Processors with Scalability from Base Stations to Core, Edge, and Metro Networks
Martin Fabry, Director of Applications Engineering, NetLogic Microsystems

Building Service-Oriented Network Architectures using Multicore Processors
Nikolay Guenov, Systems Engineering and Marketing Manager, Freescale

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