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Communications Semiconductor Market Forecast 2020-2025
Provides five-year revenue forecasts for many categories of communications semiconductors, including Ethernet products, smart NICs, embedded and server processors, and FPGAs.
Communications Semiconductor Market Share 2020
Provides market share data for many categories of communications semiconductors, including Ethernet products, processors, and FPGAs.

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Movellus Maestro: An Intelligent Clock Network
Movellus is increasing silicon clock performance, power, and reliability through its Maestro technology, which uses Optimized IP to mitigate on-chip variation, skew, and voltage droop. It’s well suited to high-performance systolic arrays, low-power edge IoT devices, and similar designs.
Democratizing Chiplet-Based Processor Design
Chiplet-based designs promise reduced development costs and faster time to market, but they’ve been exclusive to large chip vendors. Now, the industry is building an ecosystem intended to enable designs combining third-party chiplets that employ different process nodes. At the same time, RISC-V is enabling greater CPU innovation through its open-source model. These trends create an opportunity for a RISC-V chiplet vendor.
Bit-Accurate CD Audio From aptX Lossless
Thanks to the development of Bluetooth audio technology, wireless streaming has largely replaced physical media, and smartphone users no longer need to struggle with tangled earphone wires. But to accommodate Bluetooth’s limited bandwidth, the industry adopted a variety of lossy compression techniques that sacrifice audio fidelity. This white paper describes the benefits of the aptX Lossless codec, which enables wireless Bluetooth earbuds and speakers to stream audio that’s bit accurate to the original CD recording.
Software Is Critical to Edge-AI Deployment
This white paper describes the importance of a flexible and robust software stack to edge-AI deployment. Processor vendors and intellectual-property licensers often tout the theoretical performance of their designs, but the neural-network compiler, run-time engine, and scheduler are just as critical to realizing that potential in production systems.
Qualcomm Defines Premium-Smartphone Cameras
The Snapdragon 888 and 888+ are the latest flagship processors from Qualcomm, offering a collection of industry-leading camera technologies that provide a lead over competitors on DXOmark’s camera and video benchmark. These processors enable feature-rich 4K HDR video and photography, AI-driven “3A” technology, and industry leading hardware to allow one-inch camera sensors.
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October 3, 2022

Raptor Lake Adds Little Cores
Despite a short design cycle, Intel boosted the performance of its 13th Generation Core processor by up to 15% over the previous generation through higher clock speeds and more “efficiency” cores.
AMD Zen 4 Adds AVX-512
Zen 4 increases IPC and runs much faster than Zen 3 owing to optimized circuits, a process shrink, bigger buffers, deeper queues, and a larger micro-op cache.
New SiFive CPUs Hit the Road
SiFive has entered the automotive market, offering small embedded and application cores for ASIL B and ASIL D systems.

September 26, 2022

Ryzen 7000 Upgrades to Zen 4 and 5nm
AMD’s Ryzen 7000-series processors for high-end desktops employ the new Zen 4 CPU to achieve greater performance and power efficiency.
Snapdragon 6 Boosts Graphics and AI
Qualcomm updated its Snapdragon 6 and 4 lines, moving to a new process, improving performance, and selectively adding features. The new nomenclature aligns with the 7- and 8-series.
Hopper, Startups Debut MLPerf Scores
The MLPerf 2.1 inference release includes preliminary results that put Nvidia’s Hopper H100 in the performance lead. Asian startups Biren and Sapeon also made impressive debuts.

September 19, 2022

Updated Trident 4 Monitors Connections
Broadcom has added a network-scanning engine to its 12.8Tbps Trident 4 Ethernet switch. Capable of fingerprinting every packet, the engine improves network security.
Cerebras Dives Into WSE Architecture
The startup disclosed new details about how its tiny cores deliver tremendous performance and how its sparsity support boosts performance when training large AI models.
CXL 3.0 Opens New Use Cases
The newly unveiled CXL 3.0 introduces memory sharing, direct device peer-to-peer memory access without involving a host, and multilevel switching. A new global fabric-attached memory can be shared by 4,096 hosts.

September 12, 2022

Nvidia Grace Supports AI Acceleration
To tackle the largest AI models, Nvidia has designed a processor to feed its powerful new Hopper GPU. Grace has twice the memory bandwidth of any x86 processor and can hold GPT-3 in DRAM.
Lightmatter Connects Chiplets Optically
Lightmatter’s Passage substrate is an active photonic interposer for interconnecting chiplets. All the photonic components and supporting electrical circuits reside in a single multi-reticle piece of silicon.

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