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First MPR Issue (1987)

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                                                      June 2022
                                                      Jun 27
                                                      MIPS Releases First RISC-V CPUs
                                                      NXP Chip Combines Car Functions
                                                      SiPearl Targets European Supercomputer
                                                      Jun 20
                                                      Cortex-M85 Is Fastest MCU Core
                                                      Silicon Labs Adds AI to MCUs
                                                      Editorial: It’s Getting Hot in Here
                                                      Jun 13
                                                      Tachyum Targets Petaflop/s
                                                      Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Adopts Arm v9
                                                      Auto Ethernet Goes Multi-Gigabit
                                                      Jun 6
                                                      Habana Gaudi2 Triples Performance
                                                      Recogni Delivers One Petaop/s
                                                      Wi Fi 7 AP Chips Coming Next Year
                                                      May 2022
                                                      May 30
                                                      Dimensity 1050 Adds Millimeter-Wave 5G
                                                      Helio G99: The Final 4G Processor?
                                                      MediaTek’s Genio Is Out of the Bottle
                                                      May 23
                                                      TimbreAI Scales Down an Octave
                                                      AMD Adds Zen 3 to Premium Chromebooks
                                                      Alder Lake-HX Maxes Laptop Performance
                                                      May 16
                                                      D-Matrix Transforms SRAMs for AI
                                                      Versal Adds AI to Premium Line
                                                      Intel Blockscale Boosts Mining Profit
                                                      May 9
                                                      AMD Ships 3D V-Cache Processors
                                                      Intel GNA Engine Adds Vision
                                                      Chip Vendors Help Power Up 6GHz
                                                      May 2
                                                      Fewer Find 3nm Worth the Wait
                                                      GF Fotonix Unites CMOS, Photonics
                                                      AMD Adds DPUs With Pensando Buy
                                                      April 2022
                                                      PDF of all April Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                      Apr 25
                                                      Synopsys NPX6 Expands AI Options
                                                      Sakura Debuts for Edge AI
                                                      TetraMem Touts In-Memory DLA
                                                      Apr 18
                                                      Alchemist Turns Intel Into GPU Vendor
                                                      Editorial: Where’s the AI Competition?
                                                      Nvidia Orin Appears in MLPerf
                                                      Apr 11
                                                      Nvidia Hopper Leaps Ahead
                                                      Merging Memory and Compute
                                                      Nvidia Reveals 51Tbps Ethernet Switch
                                                      Apr 4
                                                      Renesas Refocuses on Enhanced ADAS
                                                      Agilex Dials M for Memory
                                                      Snapdragon X70 Modem Trims Power
                                                      March 2022
                                                      PDF of all March Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                      Mar 28
                                                      FuriosaAI Seeks Data-Center Efficiency
                                                      UCIe Addresses Chiplet Interconnect
                                                      Ceva’s PentaG2 Reduces 5G Power
                                                      M1 Ultra Sports 20 CPU Cores
                                                      Mar 21
                                                      Graphcore First With WoW
                                                      Dimensity 8100 Raises AI Bar
                                                      Mythic Enables Smaller PCIe Card
                                                      Mar 14
                                                      Xeon D Gets Major Network Upgrade
                                                      Wi-Fi 7 Quadruples Peak Data Rates
                                                      Mike Demler Retires, Bryon Moyer Joins
                                                      Mar 7
                                                      Intel’s Bitcoin-Mining Bonanza
                                                      Editorial: Xeon Roadmap Shows Delays
                                                      AMD Powers Steam Deck Console
                                                      February 2022
                                                      PDF of all February Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                      Feb 28
                                                      Exynos 2200 First With AMD GPU
                                                      Intel Pushes Foundry Service
                                                      Picocom Thinks Big for Small Cells
                                                      Seeing Machines Eyes Unsafe Drivers
                                                      Feb 21
                                                      Kompanio 1380 Improves CPU, AI
                                                      LeapMind Scales Binary DLA
                                                      Feb 14
                                                      Ambarella CV3 Joins Self-Driving Race
                                                      Vsora Shifts Gears, Offers AI Chips
                                                      5G Release 17 Simplifies IoT Modems
                                                      Feb 7
                                                      Editorial: More Customers Design Chips
                                                      Alibaba Debuts Arm Server Processor
                                                      PCI Express Gen6 Adopts PAM4
                                                      January 2022
                                                      PDF of all January Microprocessor Report Articles
                                                      Jan 31
                                                      Mobileye EyeQ Ultra Aims for Level 4
                                                      Ceva Tackles Unstructured Sparsity
                                                      Discrete GPUs Cut Power for Laptops
                                                      Jan 24
                                                      Analysts’ Choice Winners for 2021
                                                      Ryzen 6000 Doubles GPU Performance
                                                      Lightelligence Demos Optical Compute
                                                      Jan 17
                                                      Intel Completes Alder Lake Lineup
                                                      Year in Review: Image Processors Enhance Phone Chips
                                                      Graviton3 Debuts Neoverse V1
                                                      Jan 10
                                                      Year in Review: PC Processors Adopt Hybrid CPUs
                                                      EdgeQ Enables 5G Small Cells
                                                      Editorial: Imagination Jumps on RISC-V
                                                      Jan 3
                                                      Year in Review: CPU-IP Vendors Chase High-End Wins
                                                      WD Licenses RISC-V CPUs
                                                      Marvell Bridges MIPI to Auto Ethernet

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