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Tom Halfhill Retires, Aakash Jani Joins

June 29, 2020

By Linley Gwennap

Senior editor Tom Halfhill has decided to retire from Microprocessor Report and The Linley Group. He originally joined the publication in 1999 and, other than a short break in 2000-1, has been contributing to the publication ever since. Tom has written more than 500 Microprocessor Report articles, covering just about every type of processor and many different technologies, and edited our free email newsletter. He also contributed to several of The Linley Group’s long-form reports, including A Guide to Embedded Processors and A Guide to Processors for Wireless Base Stations.

During his career, Tom has given presentations and seminars at numerous industry events, including Microprocessor Forum and Linley Processor Conferences. He has been widely quoted in mainstream media, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He has judged Computer Press Awards and other industry competitions.

Before joining Microprocessor Report, Tom was a senior editor at Byte Mag­azine for six years, where he wrote nearly 200 articles. Earlier, he was the editor of several magazines that covered personal computers and electronic games, such as Compute! and Game Player's. In the 1980s, he was the launch editor of five computer maga­zines and a technology newsletter. He is a prolific writer and has been a co-author, contributor, or editor of more than 20 books.

To help fill the gap, Aakash Jani has joined The Linley Group as senior editor of Microprocessor Report. Prior to joining us, he has served in both processor design and verification roles. At Intel, he worked on ASIC integration, focusing on back-end design. He was responsible for driving silicon closure through reliability verification and DFT validation. Prior to design execution, he helped define place-and-route flows for future projects and advanced technology nodes.

At AMD, Aakash served as a CAD engineer. In this role, he helped drive silicon closure for a variety of different chip designs, including standalone processors, graphics chips, and integrated SoCs. He contributed to methodology that extends across AMD while working on current and next-generation designs. Aakash obtained a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the University of Texas. His experience at UT Austin provided a bottom-up understanding of semiconductors and their design. 

We will miss Tom’s extensive contributions, but we are happy that he is moving on to a more relaxing stage of life. He will continue to support us as a member of the Microprocessor Report editorial board. Aakash brings experience in designing state-of-the-art processors as well as the perspective of a new generation of engineers. We look forward to his contributions.

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