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Microprocessor Report (MPR) is the leading technical publication for the microprocessor industry. Networking Report (NWR) is the leading technical publication for networking and communications semiconductors. Mobile Chip Report (MCR) is our new publication covering Mobile semiconductors. Each offers new articles every week, keeping subscribers up to date on the newest products and technology trends.

You can count on our reports for credible, high-level, timely, and actionable insight. The publications are exclusively subscriber-supported, avoiding any ties to advertisers, and are dedicated to providing unbiased and critical analysis on the semiconductor industry.

Only The Linley Group, the leading provider of technology analysis on semiconductors, has the resources and deep domain expertise to deliver in-depth coverage across such a broad range of applications. With extensive experience in industry, our analyst team delivers informed, real-world perspective on today’s critical issues.

Don’t take our word for it: check out these articles for a sample of what our technical publications provide.

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Focused on System Design Issues
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Carrier Conference 2014
Covers system design for wired and wireless infrastructure
June 10 - 11, 2014 - Registration Opens May 1
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Processor Conference 2014
Focuses on processors for networking and communications applications
October 22 - 23, 2014
Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA
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Analysis and news on processors for networking and communications
Linley on Mobile
Analysis and news on semiconductors for mobile and wireless
Processor Watch
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