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Cracking Open Snapdragon’s 4-Pack
In its latest mainstream push, Qualcomm delivers a fresh four-pack filled with CPU, GPU, and camera upgrades. It’s raising performance across multiple segments from low-end to mid-premium.
Epyc Roadmap Gets Specialized
AMD recently disclosed new details of its Epyc server-processor roadmap, including Milan-X with V-Cache, Genoa based on Zen 4 cores, and Bergamo scaling to 128 cores.
50 Billion Transistors in 50 Years
Microprocessors have improved by seven orders of magnitude—from 2,300 to 54 billion transistors—in only five decades. To illustrate these changes, we highlight a handful of industry-defining products.
Apple Scales M1 GPU to the Max
Apple’s M1 Max processor delivers a massive boost in integrated-graphics performance compared with the original M1, offering throughput similar to that of Nvidia’s top-end laptop GPU card.
History of the Microprocessor, Part 3
As we celebrate the anniversary of the Intel 4004, this article extends our microprocessor history by covering the top trends from the past decade, including the rise of AI, Nvidia, processor startups, and RISC-V.
Pixel 6 Packs Semicustom Processor
For the first time, Google designed the main processor in its flagship smartphone. The Tensor SoC is based on a Samsung design but integrates Google’s AI accelerator and image processor (ISP).
R-Car S4 Boosts Connected-Car Safety
The Renesas R-Car S4 serves as a vehicle’s central networking hub, but it also integrates ASIL-capable application CPUs, real-time CPUs, and safety microcontrollers along with multiple hardware security features.
Syntiant Grows Into Computer Vision
Following its success in low-power wake-word detection, Syntiant has expanded into computer vision with its newest chip. The NDP200 can handle simple video tasks such as presence detection.
Alder Lake Steals Gaming-CPU Crown
Intel’s Core i9-12900K chip delivers a double-digit performance advantage over AMD’s fastest Ryzen processor. To do so, it runs at a sweltering 241W while using new superfast DDR5 DRAM.
Cadence HiFi Family Adds a Little One
The new Tensilica HiFi 1 DSP consumes less die area and power than the popular HiFi 3 but adds new instructions that improve performance on Bluetooth 5’s Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3).
Marvell 5nm Switch Handles 5G RAN
Marvell’s first Ethernet switch built in 5nm technology is for carrier access rather than data centers. The Prestera DX7321 joins the DX73xx family, which handles Ethernet speeds up to 400Gbps.
Apple A15 Extends Battery Life
The new A15 processor doubles its system cache to an industry-leading 32MB and drives double-digit performance gains across the CPU, GPU, and AI engine, while boosting battery life.
Coherent Logix Debuts Edge-AI SoC
After serving niche applications with its reconfigurable designs, Coherent Logix introduced an SoC that will serve as a development vehicle for edge AI, software-defined radio, and other real-time applications.
Google Builds Video-Transcoder Chip
To better support its massive YouTube business, Google has created its own video-transcoding chip. The VCU design offers a 40x performance gain compared with CPUs.
Loihi 2 Advances Spiking R&D
Intel Labs has developed a second-generation neuromorphic processor using the Intel 4 process. It’s also offering the open-source Lava framework to advance neuromorphic software.
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