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Horizon Robotics Eyes ADAS
Chinese startup Horizon Robotics is shipping two vision processors for smart cameras and autonomous vehicles and has improved products on its roadmap. Well funded by Chinese and American investors, it specializes in machine-learning-accelerated object recognition.
Snapdragon 730 Pushes Gaming
Qualcomm has introduced the Snapdragon 665, the Snapdragon 730, and, for gamers, the Snapdragon 730G, bringing premium features such as computer vision to mid-premium smartphones.
Wave to License TritonAI IP
Wave Computing’s AI-accelerator platform comprises three components: WaveFlow compute clusters, WaveTensor MAC arrays, and new MIPS CPUs based on technology it acquired last year.
Andes Strengthens Its RISC-V Arsenal
The new A25MP and AX25MP RISC-V CPUs from Andes add cache-coherent multicore support and an optional DSP extension. The company also rolled out the tiny N22, which is compatible with the RV32C ISA.
Flex Logix Moves Into Chips
The new Flex Logix InferX X1 is an AI coprocessor chip designed to connect to a host CPU via PCIe. It integrates four NNMax tiles, delivering a total of 8.5 trillion operations per second.
Xeon D-1600 Tackles NFV, 5G Systems
Intel’s newest embedded processors include new Xeon D (Hewitt Lake) and Xeon Scalable (Cascade Lake) models that boost performance for networking and storage applications.
2nd-Gen Xeon Scalable Adds Cores
Intel’s new server processors, code-named Cascade Lake, offer workload optimizations such as DL Boost and introduce Optane support. Many of the popular models pack more cores at the same price.
First Optane DIMMs Disappoint
Intel’s first persistent-memory modules are suitable only for Cascade Lake servers with terabyte memory systems and, on the basis of estimated pricing, offer relatively small cost savings.
Intel 10nm FPGAs Add Chiplets
Intel’s next-generation Agilex FPGAs can copackage programmable logic with chiplets that add high-speed memory, new I/O interfaces, and even customer-designed functions.
Qualcomm Amps Up Smart Speakers
Enabling in-device speech recognition of more than 100 phrases, the new smart-audio platform includes the QCS400 processor and the CSRA6640, which integrates an audio DSP and a class-D amplifier. 
MIPS Openly Challenges RISC-V
MIPS is offering its instruction-set architecture without license fees or royalties under the new MIPS Open program. The ISA is more complete and production tested than the open-source RISC-V.
ST MCUs Make a Stellar Debut
STMicroelectronics’ new Stellar microcontrollers provide security for wireless communications and in-vehicle networks. They’re the first commercial MCUs with phase-change memory.
i.MX8 Nano Cuts Multimedia Power
NXP is further reducing the cost and power consumption of its i.MX family with versatile multimedia chips that integrate Cortex-A53 application CPUs with a Cortex-M7 controller and a VeriSilicon GPU.
Kendryte Embeds AI for Surveillance
A subsidiary of Bitcoin-ASIC vendor Canaan, Kendryte offers a RISC-V processor with an AI engine and a large on-chip SRAM optimized for the Tiny YOLO model.
Toshiba Moves Up to Level 3 ADAS
Operating at less than 10W, Visconti5 (TMPV770) integrates a 20-TOPS computer-vision subsystem comprising hardware accelerators, a quad-core DSP, and four deep-learning accelerators.
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