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Ambiq Doubles CPU Frequency
The Apollo 4 microcontroller delivers industry-leading energy efficiency while adding a graphics subsystem. Ambiq’s new part also adds location support to its low-power Bluetooth subsystem.
Lightmatter Realizes Photonic AI
Lightmatter emerged from stealth by presenting details of its Mars test chip. The 3D chip stacks photonic and digital die, and it shows that a complete product could quickly follow.
Quantum Computing Seeks Supremacy
Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and other companies are pushing the frontiers of quantum computing, but researchers must reduce the qubit error rate before quantum processors can perform useful tasks.
Baidu Debuts First AI Accelerator
Joining other cloud-service providers (CSPs), Baidu is taking a shot at AI mastery by offering the Kunlun K200 SoC. The Chinese company designed the 256-TOPS accelerator for its internal deep-learning workloads.
Jericho2c+ Brings 7nm to Routers
Broadcom is sampling its first 7nm router chip, the Jericho2c+ packet processor. The new product serves in line cards for chassis-based routers, pairing with the shipping Ramon fabric chip.
SuperFin Rescues Intel’s 10nm Node
After last year’s disappointing debut, Intel’s 10nm technology received a much needed performance boost from a new improvement branded SuperFin, now shipping in the company’s Tiger Lake processors.
Blaize Ignites Edge-AI Performance
Edge-AI startup Blaize is sampling modules that integrate its El Cano inference processor. The chip can run Yolo v3 on five separate HD-video streams, delivering results at 10fps.
Ice Lake-SP Boosts Memory and I/O
The new Whitley platform boosts memory bandwidth and brings PCI Express Gen4, but Ice Lake’s 10nm process will hold back compute performance relative to Cascade Lake.
Tiger Lake Debuts 10nm SuperFin
Intel’s 11th Generation Core processors for laptop PCs offer significant improvements in performance and battery life, thanks to the powerful Xe-LP GPU and a more advanced manufacturing process.
Xbox Series X Doubles GPU Speed
The semicustom Xbox Series X processor from Microsoft outpaces its predecessor Xbox One X design by offering a 3x CPU-performance boost and 2x GPU-performance boost.
Alibaba Designs Fastest RISC-V CPU
The Xuantie-910 is Alibaba’s first RISC-V CPU core, targeting the network edge. It includes custom arithmetic and memory instruction to provide a new alternative to midrange Arm cores.
Google Details TPUv3 Architecture
Google’s TPU chips implement a flexible VLIW microarchitecture comprising scalar, vector, and matrix units to efficiently accelerate neural-network training and inference workloads.
Intel Xe Targets Multiple Tiers
Intel’s new GPU architecture promises to double graphics performance compared with the previous Gen11 design. It will appear in a number of products from laptop processors to discrete graphics cards.
Fungible Ups Data-Center Efficiency
After raising more than $300 million before shipping its first product, Fungible has revealed its grand vision for data-center disaggregation. At Hot Chips, the startup disclosed its F1 data-processing unit (DPU).
ThunderX3 Brings the Boom
ThunderX3 is Marvell’s newest high-end server CPU, delivering x86-class performance in a custom Arm core. It offers 30% more single-thread performance than its predecessor at a similar clock speed.
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