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  January 19, 2021   Xsight Samples Leading-Edge Switch
Led by a highly successful team, the Israeli startup emerged from stealth last month and announced its first chip, called the X1.
  January 19, 2021   Year in Review: Smartphone Chips Get Bigger GPUs
Smartphone shipments cratered in 2020, but 5G was a bright spot. The popularity of inexpensive 5G phones pushed MediaTek to the top position in processor sales. GPUs and AI grew in importance.
  January 12, 2021   Apple Ships Its First PC Processor
The M1 processor sets new standards for laptop performance and battery life. The chip shares much of its design with the A14 smartphone processor, including its powerful Firestorm and Icestorm CPUs.
  January 12, 2021   Broadcom SmartToR Ups Flow Scale
Broadcom announced three new data-center switch chips in December as well as production of its original Tomahawk 4. The new Trident SmartToR is an 8.0Tbps switch that builds on the 7nm Trident 4 architecture.
  January 12, 2021   Year in Review: PC Processors Bounce Back
In 2020, PC shipments surged, AMD topped PC performance, Nvidia’s Ampere GPU impressed, Intel revived its laptop lineup, Apple’s M1 doubled battery life, and two new game consoles debuted.
  January 5, 2021   SiFive Brings Vectors to S-Series
SiFive’s newest RISC-V vector core, the VIS7, can perform 64 gigaflop/s and is designed for deterministic operations. In addition, the new 20G1 release improves 7-series performance and frequency.
  January 5, 2021   SimpleMachines Enables Flexible AI
Startup SimpleMachines received first silicon of its Mozart inference chip, which approaches the flexibility of a GPU while promising the performance of a purpose-built deep-learning accelerator (DLA).
  January 5, 2021   Year in Review: IP Adapts to Automotive Roadmap
The latest CPU, deep-learning-accelerator (DLA), DSP, and GPU cores improve safety and performance in vehicles. IP vendors also launched new DLAs that address a broad range of applications.

Most Recent | Archive: 2021   |   2020   |   2019

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