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  March 31, 2020   Intel Snow Ridge Gains 5G Wins
The new Atom P5900 combines up to 24 Tremont CPUs, a 440Gbps Ethernet switch, and packet accelerators, making it well suited to 5G base stations and other networking equipment.
  March 31, 2020   Unisoc Joins 5G-Smartphone Race
The Tiger T7520 is Unisoc’s first processor to integrate a 5G baseband, and it’s also the first announced product to employ 6nm EUV technology at TSMC.
  March 31, 2020   Versal Premium Targets Core Networks
Xilinx is expanding its Versal family with new FPGAs for high-speed networking and communications. New features include 600G Ethernet, 400Gbps crypto, and 600G Interlaken.
  March 24, 2020   AMD Develops Compute GPUs
AMD won its second major supercomputer design, El Capitan, using the 5nm Genoa processor, a next-generation Infinity Fabric, and a new GPU called CDNA that’s optimized for AI and HPC.
  March 24, 2020   Ceva XC16 Stays Ahead of 5G Rollout
Ceva’s XC16 DSP is a dynamically configurable multicore/multithread design. At run time, users can configure it as two symmetric dual-vector processors or as a single quad-vector processor.
  March 17, 2020   Marvell Armada Reflagged as CN913x
Marvell extended its former Armada line with a new family of Arm-compatible processors called Octeon TX2 CN913x. They feature networking accelerators and Ethernet ports.
  March 17, 2020   Marvell Upgrades to Octeon TX2
Marvell is shipping its first major upgrades of former Cavium products, including Octeon TX2 high-speed networking processors and Octeon Fusion processors for 5G macrocells.
  March 17, 2020   MediaTek Brings Gamers $100 Phones
MediaTek has repurposed its Helio P65 to create the low-cost Helio G70 and G80 processors, which target gamers using the company’s HyperEngine software.
  March 10, 2020   Cortex-M55 Supports Tiny-AI Ethos
Cortex-M55 is Arm’s first CPU to support the Helium vector extensions. It pairs with a new deep-learning accelerator, Ethos-U55, in IoT end points and other low-power embedded SoCs.
  March 10, 2020   Location Services Drive UWB’s Return
High-accuracy location is propelling the resurgence of ultrawideband technology after a decade in near hibernation. Industrial applications kept impulse-radio UWB alive, and now Apple and automakers are adopting it.
  March 10, 2020   Snapdragon X60 Offers 5G in 5nm
Qualcomm’s next-generation modem adds new band combinations while using 5nm transistors to reduce power. The company also reduced the size of its mmWave RF module for 5G smartphones.
  March 3, 2020   Alibaba Uses Convolution Architecture
At the recent ISSCC, Alibaba described the architecture of its record-setting HanGuang 800 ASIC, which is optimized for 3D convolution rather than general matrix multiplication (GEMM).
  March 3, 2020   TI Jacinto Accelerates Level 3 ADAS
Texas Instruments’ TDA4VM targets multiple automotive trends: ADAS, infotainment, safety, and complex in-vehicle networks. It integrates a new C71x DSP and an 8-TOPS deep-learning accelerator.
  March 3, 2020   Wi-Fi 6E Covets 6GHz Band
A new proposal would more than double Wi-Fi’s RF spectrum by expanding into the 6GHz band. US-government approval seems likely this year; Europe and Korea may follow quickly.
  February 25, 2020   Kneron Delivers Efficient AI
Using a convolution-based architecture, Kneron’s KL520 microcontroller achieves 350 billion operations per second (GOPS) at less than half a watt, targeting low-cost camera-based systems.
  February 25, 2020   MediaTek Brings 5G to Mid-Premium
The Dimensity 800 brings premium features such as four “big” CPUs and an integrated 5G modem to smartphones that sell for as little as $300.
  February 25, 2020   TI Auto Gateway Manages Traffic Flow
Texas Instruments’ Jacinto DRA829V is an automotive gateway as well as a traffic manager for digital cockpits. It manages up to 16 CAN buses, eight Ethernet ports, and four PCI interfaces.
  February 18, 2020   Intel Drops NNP-T and NNP-I
Intel has terminated its Nervana-branded AI accelerators in favor of products from its recent Habana acquisition, simplifying its software efforts and clarifying its data-center roadmap.
  February 18, 2020   Renesas and SiLabs Polish Bluetooth
Renesas and Silicon Labs introduced new microcontrollers that integrate Bluetooth radios for IoT systems: the Renesas RX23W and the Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko EFR32BG22.
  February 18, 2020   ST Debuts Wireless MCU for LoRa
The STMicroelectronics STM32WLE5 is the industry’s first microcontroller with a fully integrated LoRa radio. It grafts a modified Semtech SX126x transceiver onto an Arm-based 32-bit MCU.
  February 11, 2020   Snapdragon 460 Takes 4+4 to Low End
Qualcomm upgraded its LTE lineup by introducing the Snapdragon 460, 662, and 720G. The new chips bring important updates including faster CPUs and GPUs, AI acceleration, and the latest connectivity standards.
  February 11, 2020   Synaptics VS680 Powers Multimedia AI
The Synaptics VideoSmart VS680 is a multimedia powerhouse that combines a Qdeo 4K-video engine, an audio processor for far-field voice, and a proprietary deep-learning accelerator.
  February 4, 2020   Lattice First With FPGA in FD-SOI
CrossLink-NX is the first chip in the company’s new Nexus line developed in 28nm FD-SOI technology. It targets embedded-vision applications in IoT and automotive markets.
  February 4, 2020   Sharper Vision, Brains in i.MX8M Plus
The i.MX8M Plus is NXP’s first processor with a neural-network accelerator. It also adds a DSP core, image signal processors, PCI Express 3.0, CAN bus, and Gigabit Ethernet.
  January 28, 2020   NXP S32G Is Master of Auto Domains
The S32G vehicle-network processor offers a unique lockstep CPU architecture that supports ASIL D operations. It also has accelerators for both Ethernet and legacy automotive networks. 
  January 28, 2020   Ryzen Mobile Doubles CPU Count
AMD’s 7nm Renoir processor brings eight cores to 15W ultrathin notebooks, an industry first. It fills out the Zen 2 generation across desktop and mobile platforms.
  January 21, 2020   Analysts’ Choice Winners for 2019
The Linley Group recognizes 2019’s top products in the categories of AI, embedded, mobile, networking, server, processor IP, and related technology. And the winners are…
  January 21, 2020   Intel Extends 3D Packaging With ODI
Intel’s new Omni-Directional Interconnect builds on EMIB and Foveros to improve performance, capabilities, and flexibility for products using 3D packaging.
  January 21, 2020   Year in Review: Arm Flexes IP to Battle RISC-V
Arm was by far the most active processor-IP vendor in 2019, but the RISC-V community also surged. Licensable cores for AI acceleration joined a flood of new CPU, DSP, and GPU cores.
  January 14, 2020   GreenWaves GAP9 Goes Faster
GreenWaves’ new low-power RISC-V microcontroller uses FD-SOI and a second-generation deep-learning accelerator to increase power efficiency on AI workloads by 5x.
  January 14, 2020   Marvell Accelerates In-Car Networks
Marvell is sampling the second generation of its purpose-built automotive switch chips. It also bought Aquantia, adding PHYs to its multigigabit automotive-Ethernet portfolio.
  January 14, 2020   Year in Review: 5G Smartphones Ready to Boom
After an initial launch in 2019, 5G smartphone shipments are set to soar in 2020. The new year will also see greater use of AI, the first 5nm processors, and more gaming phones.

Most Recent | Archive: 2020   |   2019   |   2018

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