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MT6795 Improves Visual Experience

August 5, 2014

Author: Linley Gwennap

Because people are watching more video on their tablets and smartphones, MediaTek wants to make these devices more like high-end televisions. As the leading supplier of processors for TVs, MediaTek is just the company to deliver these new features. Its newest premium smartphone processors, the MT6595 and MT6795, can upscale video to 120fps, delivering a butter-smooth picture with greater realism. Applying a similar technology to the camera, these processors can also produce incredibly detailed slow-motion playback at one-sixteenth speed.

The MT6795 extends the high end of MediaTek’s 64-bit lineup beyond the previously announced MT6752. The new chip runs its eight Cortex-A53 CPUs at up to 2.2GHz. Otherwise, it offers most of the same features as the 32-bit MT6595, including a 4K video encoder and decoder that implements H.265 in hardware as well as support for 20Mpixel image sensors. Although both chips use the same Imagination G6200 (Rogue) graphics engine, the MT6795 pushes the GPU clock to 700MHz, whereas the previous chip runs the GPU at 600MHz.

Like other recent MediaTek smartphone processors, the new chip includes a Release 9 LTE baseband that enables up to 150Mbps on the downlink. This baseband also supports WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, and GSM. The company has now certified it with China Mobile and Vodafone, and it is currently pursuing certifications with other operators in Europe and North America. MediaTek expects the first LTE smartphone using its baseband to ship to China Mobile later this month. These initial phones will use a standalone baseband chip; phones using MediaTek’s integrated LTE processors, including the MT6795, will ship in the fourth quarter.

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