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Allwinner A33: Four Cores, Four Bucks

August 19, 2014

Author: Loyd Case

Only a few years ago, microcontroller prices dropped below $1 for a 32-bit core. Now Allwinner is delivering a fully formed quad core applications processor for just four bucks, provided the tablet maker is willing to pony up for 5,000 processors. That four dollars will buy four ARM Cortex-A7 cores, an ARM Mali-400MP2 GPU, a display controller capable of 1280x800 pixel output and a companion PMIC.

Seven-inch white-box tablets using the A33 and running Android could sell for less than $35. As recently as 2013, low-end tablets sported a single-core processor, but by early 2014, white-box models tilted heavily toward dual-core apps. By offering its A33 for $4, Allwinner is increasing margin pressure on low-end generic tablets.

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