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NXP Upgrades Radar Processor

January 24, 2017

Author: Loring Wirbel

NXP has quadrupled the performance of its automotive radar processors, which the company classifies as microcontrollers due to their embedded memory. The S32R27 is based on the Power Architecture like its predecessor the MPC577X, but offers four separate Power cores for control-plane tasks (dual e200z7 CPUs at 240MHz, and dual e200z4 CPUs at 120MHz).

The S32R27 also has a radar processing block integrating an interface to a monolithic microwave IC (MMIC), a signal processing toolbox, and a generator for radar-sweep chirp tones. In addition, it has a secure automotive communication subsystem. In 4Q16, NXP demonstrated the MCU working with the MR3003 SiGe radar transceiver as part of a proximity-detection system inside a shuttle bus.

The S32R27’s improvement over previous radar controllers is particularly advantageous in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADASs) that aim to support European New Car Assessment Program (E-NCAP) standards, an important factor in E.U. and global car sales.  The device offers enhanced lane-change assistance, collision avoidance, and radar cocooning with 360-degree perception.

NXP’s second-generation S32 family represents a smart move to dominate multi-frequency radar control, even before the Qualcomm acquisition offer. A merged Qualcomm-NXP provides greater opportunities for centralizing control of radar in multiple frequency bands, including the new 71-77GHz band.

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