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Goldmont Takes Atom to 14nm

February 21, 2017

Author: David Kanter

Intel’s new Goldmont CPU core takes advantage of a wider microarchitecture and 14nm manufacturing technology to boost performance by 30–60% for most workloads and up to 2.86x for cryptography compared with the 22nm Silvermont. The company has comprehensively overhauled the microarchitecture, going from a two-wide design with partially out-of-order execution to a three-wide design with fully out-of-order execution and twice the cache throughput. These changes put Goldmont on a relatively even footing with ARM’s Cortex-A72 and Cortex-A73, which are licensed by mobile and embedded competitors such as HiSilicon, NXP, and Qualcomm. Yet the new design stays comfortably below the performance of the Kaby Lake and Skylake cores.

Goldmont will appear in Intel products for everything from PCs and servers to embedded and IoT devices. It debuted in the company’s Apollo Lake platform for low-end PCs and embedded applications, where it is branded as Celeron or Pentium and fits below more-expensive 4.5W Kaby Lake models. Apollo Lake also ships into embedded designs as the Atom E3900. In addition, Goldmont ships in the Joule module for IoT and will serve in the Intel Go automotive platform. The third Goldmont-based SoC, code-named Denverton, targets communications and storage and will be marketed as the Atom C3000 family. We expect it will offer up to 16 Goldmont cores with integrated accelerators and networking and should arrive later in 2017. Some Denverton variants will likely appear in low-end servers, but the Xeon D is typically more attractive for this segment. 

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