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Think Silicon Shrinks the GPU

June 13, 2017

Author: Loyd Case

Instead of dreaming big, some companies think small. Targeting IoT and embedded applications requiring a GUI and limited 3D capability, Think Silicon offers its Nema-P (“Pico”) and Nema-T (“Tiny”) licensable GPU cores as well as design tools to support rapid prototyping on FPGAs. Nema-P delivers 2/2.5D graphics for minimalist user interfaces in wearables and other small devices. Nema-T implements the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard for low-power 3D rendering. RTL is available now for both GPUs. The company is additionally preparing a design that targets heterogeneous processing, called Nema-S (“Small”), for release by 3Q17.

Think Silicon has focused on embedded applications from the start, creating area-efficient designs fit for layered user interfaces and low-resolution 3D displays. It offers three GPU designs under the Nema brand. RTL for Nema-P and Nema-T is available now; the first chips using these GPUs are scheduled to enter production later this year.

Think Silicon designed its products for embedded and IoT systems needing user interfaces. This approach has led to tiny GPUs that consume much less power than competitors. Nema-P and Nema-T deliver the right performance, area, and power balance for low-end IoT applications, increasing battery life and reducing costs.

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