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SecureRF Locks Up the Keys

December 19, 2017

Author: Mike Demler

Within a decade, quantum computers may be able to factor much larger numbers than conventional computers can handle, a feat that could break the cryptographic protocols that secure today’s Internet communications. To prevent that disaster, SecureRF has developed a new family of licensable cryptographic intellectual property (IP). Using methods drawn from the fields of group-theoretic cryptography (GTC) and infinite-number theory, it offers a quantum-resistant public-key system.

The company’s techniques apply to any computing platform, but they’re particularly well suited to addressing vulnerabilities in low-power IoT devices. SecureRF delivers its IP as synthesizable RTL, as well as in a software tool kit that supports commercially available processors. The IP and software tools can run in embedded devices ranging from 8- to 64-bit CPUs. Customers can implement the algorithms using SDKs built for Android, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

SecureRF has submitted its protocols to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and NSA in hopes they will garner adoption as an industry standard. It has also wisely established alliances with some of the industry’s leading processor and IP vendors. The company’s cryptographic technology fills a critical gap in platforms such as Arm’s PSA, offering an attractive security solution for low-power IoT processors.

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