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AMD Unfolds PC Roadmap for 2018

January 30, 2018

Author: Linley Gwennap

To kick off the year, AMD disclosed its plans for new PC processors and graphics chips through the end of 2018 and beyond. Some of the new offerings are already in production, including laptop and desktop processors with integrated graphics (a configuration the company calls an APU). These new products, based on the Raven Ridge design, complement previous ones that use the same basic design. Among them are two new Ryzen 3 models for ultrathin laptops, three Ryzen Pro models for business laptops, and two Ryzen models for desktop PCs. All are in production now.

After this first round of 2018 products, AMD will shift its attention to second-generation Ryzens. These chips, which are already sampling, use an enhanced CPU called Zen+ and move into GlobalFoundries 12LP technology. This combination should boost CPU performance by 10–15% at the same power. The initial desktop processors will launch in April, with updated Threadripper and Ryzen Pro models launching later in the year.

The picture beyond 2018 is less detailed, but AMD plans to maintain an annual cadence of CPU updates, delivering the first Zen 2 parts in 2019 and Zen 3 parts in 2020. GlobalFoundries will build Zen 2 in its 7nm technology, while Zen 3 will use a process called 7nm+. AMD also disclosed plans for new Radeon Instinct models (the company’s deep-learning accelerators) using the current Vega GPU architecture but built in 7nm. For PCs, it’s developing the next-generation Navi GPU architecture, which will use 7nm as well. Both of these new GPUs are likely to enter production in 2019.

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