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Ryzen 2 Is First 12nm PC Processor

May 8, 2018

Author: Linley Gwennap

A year after bringing its first Ryzen products to market, AMD began shipping its second generation. Taking advantage of a transistor shrink from 14nm to 12nm, the company squeezed a bit more performance into its desktop-PC processors, keeping pace with Intel’s Coffee Lake. In particular, the flagship Ryzen 2700X gets a 10% boost, keeping it close to the Core i7-8700K in single-thread performance. On highly multithreaded applications, such as content creation, the eight-core 2700X outruns the six-core 8700K by a considerable margin.

The Ryzen 2 products (code-named Pinnacle Ridge) introduce several other small improvements that deliver an overall benefit to the user. Although the CPU microarchitecture is unchanged, the new design reduces cache and memory latencies, yielding a per-clock performance (IPC) gain of about 3%. AMD also overhauled its simplistic clock-speed manager with a more granular approach it calls Precision Boost 2. Another new technology called StoreMI helps users optimize their load times without having to purchase a storage accelerator card. AMD charges less than Intel for comparable products, and it bundles a cooler with each one to add further value.

The first four Ryzen 2 models refresh the high end of AMD’s desktop line. The company also introduced two low-power desktop processors that have integrated GPUs and a 35W TDP. They use the Raven Ridge design, which is built in an older 14nm process. The 2200GE and 2400GE are similar to the previously announced 2200G and 2400G, respectively, but they operate at slightly slower clock speeds owing to their lower TDP. Priced as low as $99, these integrated products fill the bottom of AMD’s desktop line.

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