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Mali 76-Series Boosts Flagship Phones

June 5, 2018

Author: Mike Demler

Arm has strengthened its hold on the premium-smartphone-processor market by adding two new products to its high-end Mali graphics and multimedia lineup. The Mali-G76 GPU and Mali-V76 video-processor (VPU) cores target SoCs for flagship-phone chips, virtual-reality (VR) headsets, and next-generation 8K TVs. They join the company’s new top-tier “76” series, which aligns product numbering with the concurrently announced Cortex-A76.

As the new head of the GPU lineup, the Mali-G76 provides 30% better area efficiency than the previous Mali-G72. It increases performance by doubling the execution-engine width from four lanes to eight, carrying forward the same lane-widening scheme the company recently introduced in the midrange Mali-G52. The wider execution units enable the G76 to process workloads in less time than the G72, which (accounting for control overhead) yields 30% average energy savings. Designers can use those savings to extend battery life or deliver a 30% performance boost at the same power.

Joining Arm’s 76ers family is the Mali-V76. This new VPU supports 60fps decoding of 8K-resolution video, and it can encode that next-generation format at 30fps. Although TV manufacturers have introduced high-end 8K models, little content is available at that resolution, so 8K TVs mostly just scale up 4K video. The V76’s 8K capability is also useful for sending separate left/right 4K images to VR headsets and for streaming multiple images to video walls.

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