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Helio P22 Pushes 12nm to Lower Cost

June 19, 2018

Author: Linley Gwennap

After recently rolling out the more expensive Helio P60, MediaTek introduced its Helio P22. The new processor targets smartphones that cost $150 to $250 and is the first in this price tier to implement 12nm technology, reducing power. Compared with its predecessor, the Helio P23, the new chip also improves dual-camera support and wireless connectivity while adding a sensor hub. It’s already in production and should appear in phones shipping this month.

Although the P22 offers a few minor improvements over the P23, the company’s focus for the new design was cost reduction. TSMC’s 12FFC process is essentially a 10% (half-node) shrink from 16FFC. Compared with 16FFC, the 12nm technology offers similar speed and about 10% lower power. Nvidia’s Tesla V100 was the first product to use it, reaching production late last year, but MediaTek also adopted this process for its P60 and now the P22.

The P22 (MT6762) follows the P23 (MT6763), which the company announced last year. Whereas the P23 has a top CPU speed of 2.3GHz (in the turbo version), the P22 is limited to 2.0GHz—hence the retrograde product numbering. Most of the other specifications remain the same, however. The P22 contains eight Cortex-A53 CPUs, four running at a maximum speed of 2.0GHz and four topping out at 1.5GHz to save power. Although the GPU changes from a dual-core Mali-G71 to a PowerVR GE8320, the company expects the graphics performance to stay roughly the same. The video engine continues to encode and decode 1080p at 30fps.

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