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SiFive Raises RISC-V Performance

November 13, 2018

Author: Bob Wheeler

Designing a CPU that scales from microcontrollers to multicore processors is difficult, but that’s SiFive’s approach with its 7 Series. At the Linley Fall Processor Conference, the RISC-V startup revealed its latest CPU. The dual-issue in-order design is its most complex core yet, moving into the same class as Arm’s “little” Cortex-A family. SiFive will offer versions for real-time embedded processing as well as Linux applications.

At the high end, the company’s new U74MC intellectual-property (IP) core builds on the U54, which already offers multicore configurations and Linux compatibility. The standard U74MC comes with a double-precision floating-point unit (FPU). Up to nine of the 64-bit cores can share an L2 cache with ECC protection. For deeply embedded designs, the company introduced the 32-bit E76 and 64-bit S76, which include a single-precision FPU. They improve performance compared with the existing E31 and E51. RTL for the E76, S76, and U74 is now available.

Following a $50 million funding round announced in April, SiFive has sharpened its focus on IP for embedded applications. It also disclosed a license agreement with Western Digital, a strategic investor. Although the company announced standard 7 Series cores, part of its differentiation comes from configurability. Customers can start with the specification for an off-the-shelf core and add or remove standard instruction extensions, change memory details, and edit other features. Within weeks, SiFive delivers RTL for a core that consumes only as much area and power as the customer application allows.

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