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Intel Gains Myriad Customers

December 18, 2018

Author: Linley Gwennap

From a company with a myriad of different AI architectures, the Movidius Myriad X processor is the smallest member of Intel’s portfolio, but it’s already racking up some big design wins. The chip, which is now in production, appears in several camera-based products, including a Tencent appliance designed for monitoring retail outlets, an Avigilon security camera, and a Flir Firefly camera. It could eventually appear in PCs: Asus showed a prototype featuring Myriad X in June but has yet to announce such a system. To spur further adoption, Intel recently unveiled the Neural Compute Stick 2 (NCS2), which packs the new chip into a USB form factor and sells for $99 through distributors.

Myriad X is the first processor Intel has announced from its 2016 acquisition of Movidius, although the design was already under way at the deal’s closing. It builds on the capabilities of the earlier Myriad 2, which combines proprietary programmable Shave cores with fixed-function vision accelerators.

Myriad X adds the Neural Compute Engine (NCE), boosting the design’s compute power to one trillion operations per second (TOPS) when combining the NCE and the Shave cores. It also adds video and crypto accelerators to beef up application performance, taking advantage of a move from 28nm to 16nm manufacturing. Even at this performance, the chip uses only 2.5W (typical), making it well suited to embedded, IoT, and even mobile designs. In addition, it can act as a vision-processing front end in an edge server or appliance.

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