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Cortus FPS69V Uses 64-Bit RISC-V

April 30, 2019

Author: Mike Demler

Cortus added five new CPUs to its RISC-V product line, ranging from the tiny APS1V, to its first multicore and 64-bit RISC-V designs. The 64-bit FPS69V specifications are still preliminary, but the others are in production now, and lead customers have already designed them into chips targeting aerospace, automotive, industrial, and satellite applications.

The new APS1V implements the RV32EMC ISA. Using the same process technology, the APS1V consumes the same area and has the same power efficiency as SiFive’s E20. The new APS5V uses the RV32IMAC ISA. The “A” extension comprises atomic instructions, which enable synchronizing read-modify-write access among multiple CPUs sharing the same memory space. The FPS6V is the same as the APS5V, except for including a single-precision FPU, which increases gate count by nearly 3x. The company also offers the FPS8V with a double-precision FPU, which uses approximately 10,000 more gates and three times more area than the FPS6V.

The new top of the line model is the FPS69V, Cortus’s first 64-bit CPU. In 28nm technology, Cortus expects it to support at least a 950MHz clock. The company only has preliminary specs for the FPS69V, but although it can run 10% faster, it offers inferior area- and performance efficiency compare with SiFive’s E76.

With its new CPUs, Cortus offers configuration for a broad range of end applications. But whereas some models offer superior performance compared with competitors, others deliver better area efficiency at the expense of performance. To choose the optimum core for their specifications, designers must carefully compare configurations.

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