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Fabu Aims to Deliver ADAS Processors

May 7, 2019

Author: Mike Demler

Autonomous-vehicle-technology startup Fabu is preparing to tape out a Level 3 ADAS processor called Phoenix-100. The chip integrates a 5.5-TOPS deep-learning accelerator (DLA) that supports cameras, lidar, and radar sensors.

The DLA enables object identification in 40fps video streams at 1080p, the most common resolution in ADAS cameras. The inference engine can classify more than 300 objects in 15 categories, such as animals, pedestrians, road signs, traffic lights, and vehicles. Phoenix-100 will integrate the DLA with multiple ISPs and a vector processing accelerator (VPA), but the company withheld architectural details. It says the processor will also support lidar and radar sensors; we therefore expect the VPA is a DSP engine needed to process the signals from those sensors before running neural-network algorithms.

Fabu and its automotive partner plan to begin production of ASIL B–compliant Phoenix-100 chips in 1Q20 for use in a 2Q20 pilot run of Level 3 passenger vehicles. Later in 2020, it expects to tape out the Phoenix-200 sensor-fusion chip and begin developing the Phoenix-300 decision processor. The design target for the entire system is 80 trillion operations per second (TOPS) with 80W of total power consumption. 

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