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Intel Warms Up Coffee Lake

May 14, 2019

Author: Linley Gwennap

Stretching the Coffee Lake era to two full years, Intel debuted 31 desktop and laptop processors with little that’s new other than a 9 to start the product number. Sometimes called Coffee Lake Refresh (CFL-R), these models use the same physical design as last year’s 8th Generation and thus offer the same features and system interfaces. At the high end, the company added eight-core processors for both desktop and laptop PCs. Otherwise, the new lineup provides little change except for small clock-speed increases.

The new desktop processors extend last fall’s 9th Generation family, which included high-performance X- and K-series models. The new products fill in the standard S-series, covering all of Intel’s price tiers from the high-end Core i9 to the low-cost Celeron. At the top end, the new Core i9-9900 provides a lower-cost but “locked” version of the eight-core i9-9900K. The Core i7-9700 moves to eight cores (from six in the previous Core i7-8700). The other new models maintain the same core count and base clock but increase their maximum speed.

The 9th Generation laptop processors refresh the high-end H-series, adding two eight-core models under the Core i9 brand: the 9980HK and the 9880H. For those unwilling to spend $583 for a mobile processor, the new Core i7 and Core i5 products offer a lower-price alternative. These parts, however, provide mostly small clock-speed improvements with the same core counts. Intel didn’t refresh its popular U- and Y-series.

Intel will ship its first 10nm product, Ice Lake, next month, but according to a leaked roadmap, this product will play only a limited role. Instead, a new 14nm product called Comet Lake will fill most of the laptop and desktop lineup.

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