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Arm Mali-G77 Goes to Valhall

June 4, 2019

Author: Mike Demler

The Mali-G77 is the first GPU based on Arm’s new Valhall architecture. Compared with a Bifrost-based Mali-G76 having the same number of shaders, operating at the same frequency, and manufactured in the same technology, it increases area and power efficiency by 30%. But the biggest improvement is a 60% increase for the general-purpose-GPU (GPGPU) operations in machine learning. The Valhall architecture supports multicore configurations with up to 32 shaders, but the G77 comes in 7- to 16-shader models.

Valhall replaces multiple execution engines in high-end Bifrost GPUs with a single 32-thread warp-based execution engine, which simplifies control and core interconnects. The new shader core also increases the texture-unit throughput from two to four pixels per cycle, and it employs a completely redesigned load/store cache. Despite the additional hardware, the Mali-G77 can deliver up to 40% more frames per second than a Mali-G76 in the same die area when running complex mobile games.

The new Mali-D77 DPU builds on the predecessor Mali-D71, adding features designed specifically for head-worn devices. The company optimized it to drive 3K-resolution (2,880x1,440) headset displays at 120fps, but it also supports 4K (4,320x2,160) at 90fps. For VR, the headset uses half the horizontal resolution for each eye. In standard displays that lack stereo images, the DPU can increase its 4K output to 120fps.

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