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Intel Refreshes Xeon E Family

July 2, 2019

Author: Tom R. Halfhill

Intel’s new Xeon E-2200 processors replace the E-2100 line that was new only last fall. Using the same “Coffee Lake” design, they raise the maximum core count from six to eight, add a corresponding amount of L3 cache, and nudge CPU clock speeds higher. One new embedded model halves power consumption. Otherwise, their power, prices, and other features remain the same, so the new products are better values. Also, they fill a market niche for which AMD offers less competition.

Intel promotes the Xeon E family mainly for desktop and mobile workstations and small-office servers. They’re basically PC processors with error correction (ECC) on the DRAM bus, so they cost a little more than PC chips that use the same 14nm++ die. The new E-2200s and previous E-2100s have the same memory controllers, I/O interfaces, packages, and pinouts. In all, Intel announced 21 new chips. Five models have eight cores, whereas the previous series peaked at six. The low-end models have only four cores and disable Hyper-Threading.

Almost all E-2200s integrate a GPU. It’s unchanged from the E-2100s (Intel’s UHD P630). Workstations generally require the higher performance of a discrete graphics card, but the Coffee Lake die includes the P630 GPU, so Intel decided to leave it be.

All of the new E-2200s began production in 2Q19. Prices range from $193 to $539 for the desktop/server chips and from $450 to $623 for the lower-power mobile chips. In this context, “lower power” means 45W thermal design power (TDP). The desktop/server models range from 71W to 95W TDP. Although 45W is rather warm for a laptop, the M models target high-performance mobile workstations. Intel also markets some E-2200s as embedded processors with long-term availability, and one of them (the E-2278GEL) consumes only 35W TDP by reducing the base clock speed to 2.0GHz.

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