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Cypress Tracks Indoor Locations

September 10, 2019

Author: Mike Demler

Cypress’s new CYW5459 is a multimode Bluetooth+Wi-Fi combo chip that’s especially well suited to indoor asset tracking. It targets consumer electronics, IoT, and smart-home devices. The CYW89459 is an automotive-grade version. The wireless combo includes the basebands, media-access controller (MAC), and RF transceivers for Bluetooth 5.1 and 802.11ac Wave 2. The Wi-Fi subsystem implements 802.11mc as well, enabling indoor location estimates by calculating the round-trip time between access points and a client device. Multicast and multichannel wireless speakers will benefit from the company’s precise time-synchronization (Cync) technology, which uses the time-synchronization function (TSF) in Wi-Fi routers to adjust streaming-audio delays. Cypress manufactures the chip in a low-power 40nm technology, and it plans to start volume production in 4Q19.

Several companies manufacture Bluetooth+Wi-Fi combo chips, but the 5459 is unique for its indoor-location and simultaneous-dual-band capabilities, as well as the variety of applications and operating modes it supports. Whereas the predecessor CYW43012 uses 28nm technology to minimize power in IoT devices, the 5459 is much more versatile. It’s well suited to asset trackers, but its ability to concurrently connect devices over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is ideal for automotive infotainment, and its dual-band-streaming and speaker-synchronization capabilities are fit for smart-home devices.

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