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Mobileye Expands Into Robotaxis

December 10, 2019

Author: Mike Demler

Since its 2017 acquisition by Intel, Mobileye has continued to see rapid growth in its advanced-driver-assistance-system (ADAS) business. Most of its revenue comes from EyeQ processors for Level 1 and Level 2 ADASs, which ship in 32% of new vehicles. In 2018, the company began shipping EyeQ4 for Level 3 ADASs, and in 2020, vehicles with the latest EyeQ5 generation will begin production. But like most automotive suppliers, Mobileye expects mass production of privately owned Level 4 self-driving cars won’t start until 2030. To sustain growth, therefore, it announced plans to expand its business to include development of lidar sensors based on Intel silicon-photonics technology, greater licensing of its Road Experience Map (REM) data, production of complete self-driving systems, and development of robotaxi services.

Robotaxis afford the company a chance to refine self-driving technology before making it available to private vehicle owners. The technology remains unproven, and system cost as well as a lack of government regulation will also delay more-widespread deployment. In 2022, however, Mobileye plans to begin producing complete self-driving systems that combine its processors with third-party sensors; mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) providers can retrofit their vehicles with these systems, too.

Mobileye eventually intends to address all MaaS layers, including fleet management and deployment of its own robotaxis, but it withheld details regarding how or when that business will scale globally. To support the plan, it announced a deal with Chinese EV designer Nio to co-develop HD maps and Level 4 vehicles using EyeQ-based systems. Nio will integrate the technology in its consumer EVs and also mass-produce the self-driving systems for Mobileye’s driverless-ride-hailing services.

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