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NXP S32G Is Master of Auto Domains

January 28, 2020

Author: Mike Demler

Connecting automobiles to the cloud enables fleet management, intrusion detection, music subscriptions, preventive maintenance, usage-based insurance, and other services. But such services require upgrading in-vehicle networks to include gateways that support diverse applications while securing communications with safety-critical electronic control units (ECUs). NXP addresses this market with its unique S32G vehicle-network processors, which combine the traditional features of gateway microcontrollers, CPUs that can run high-level operating systems (HLOSs), and high-performance accelerators.

Like the company’s other S32 products, the new “G” lineup eases software reuse by supporting the same memory map and base peripherals, as well as identical ASIL D safety and security features. The S32G implements the industry-standard AutoSAR Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL), thus enabling software to access memory-mapped peripherals independent of the MCU. It also supports the AutoSAR Adaptive Platform (AP) for dynamically linking services and clients at run time. AutoSAR AP employs a service-oriented architecture (SOA) in which virtual machines run applications distributed across in-vehicle networks.

NXP is now sampling the first product in its planned four-chip G-series—the S32G274A—using 16FFC technology at TSMC. The chip will likely appear in production vehicles beginning in late 2021. It integrates ASIL D–compliant compute subsystems, a hardware security engine (HSE), and accelerators for next-generation gateways, domain controllers, and safety coprocessors.

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