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MediaTek Brings Gamers $100 Phones

March 17, 2020

Author: Mike Demler

While smartphone makers struggle with lackluster sales of their latest $1,000 flagships, a heated battle is underway at the low end. Last summer, MediaTek rolled out its Helio P65 for midrange phones, but just eight months later, it repackaged that chip to create the Helio G70 and G80. These new models target entry-level gamers by offering the company’s HyperEngine technology. This proprietary software, introduced with the midrange Helio G90, optimizes LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance multiplayer-gaming performance. It also enables smoother response by dynamically managing the workload on the CPUs, GPU, display, and memory subsystems. Although prices for G90-powered phones such as the Redmi Note 8 Pro have already dropped to around $200, the G70 and G80 target entry-level models that sell for as little as half that price.

The G70 is a rebranded Helio P65, and the G80 is a speed-binned version that allows the GPU and the little CPUs to achieve higher clock frequencies, but the three processors are otherwise identical. We believe the Helio P65 sold poorly in the midrange segment, where it faces tough competition from Qualcomm and Unisoc. By repackaging the P65 as the G70 and shipping it with the HyperEngine software, MediaTek aims to change the game. The new product shifts the target market from the Instagram crowd to PUBG aficionados. The speed-binned P80 will be even more attractive to mobile gamers.

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