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MaxLinear Disconnects Intel’s Home

May 5, 2020

Author: Bob Wheeler

MaxLinear is acquiring Intel’s Home Gateway Platform Division, separating well-hidden assets from the behemoth’s Client Computing Group (CCG). It’s paying the bargain-basement price of $150 million in cash for a business with about $260 million in annual revenue. In return, it gets a mixed bag of goodies from past Intel broadband acquisitions, including the Puma cable-modem SoCs Intel bought from Texas Instruments in 2010. MaxLinear is pinning its growth hopes on Wi-Fi 6 chips, however, which come from the 2015 Lantiq acquisition. The mixed-signal specialist, with only $317 million in 2019 revenue, is taking on $140 million in new debt to fund the asset purchase.

MaxLinear already works with Intel on Puma reference designs that include its Odin DOCSIS cable tuner with an integrated Moca 2.1 transceiver. Puma and Odin are the two major components of a basic cable modem. A complete home gateway, however, requires additional components from the Lantiq heritage. They include the WAV600 chipset, which implements 4x4 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax); the PEF7085 five-port Gigabit Ethernet switch; and voice-interface circuits (SLICs). MaxLinear also supplies power-management ICs, the remaining analog component required in a modem/gateway. Thus, the acquisition will give customers a complete cable-gateway solution from a single source.

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