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Dimensity 820 Shows True Colors

June 16, 2020

Author: Linley Gwennap

Even though the first phones using its Dimensity 800 recently began shipping, MediaTek announced a better, faster version with immediate availability. The Dimensity 820 upgrades all major subsystems to better match the leading mid-premium processors. Xiaomi is already shipping the new product in its Redmi 10X 5G phone, which has a base price of only 1,599 yuan ($225).

MediaTek introduced the Dimensity 800 early this year as its first 5G processor for mid-premium smartphones, which generally sell for $300–$500. That chip offers four “big” Cortex-A76 CPUs, four “little” Cortex-A55 CPUs, and a midrange Mali-G57 GPU. The 820 carries forward the same design but boosts the big cores’ speed from 2.0GHz all the way to 2.6GHz, improving both single- and multicore performance by up to 30%. It also increases the GPU-core count from four to five and raises the GPU clock speed, yielding 33% greater peak performance.

Both 7nm chips offer MediaTek’s home-grown AI accelerator, but the 820 clocks it 15% faster to achieve 2.8 peak TOPS—about half as much as the high-end Dimensity 1000. The 820’s ISP is rated for 80-megapixel images, a 25% improvement. The upgraded video engine can record and play back 4K video at 60fps, twice the 800’s capability. In connectivity, the 820 is the same as the 800.

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