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Imagination Serves Up B-Series GPUs

December 1, 2020

Author: Mike Demler

Imagination’s new B-Series GPUs offer more flavors than Baskin-Robbins, comprising a plethora of multicore configurations that span four product families. The intellectual-property (IP) vendor designed the top-of-the-line BXT models for its traditional premium-smartphone customers; although they lack the ray-tracing capabilities it originally promised, the company also aims to sell them into notebook computers, PC graphics cards, and cloud servers. To implement this new strategy, Imagination signed a licensing deal with Innosilicon. That ASIC-design house is building the BXT GPUs in chiplets for its “Fantasy” discrete graphics cards; the first is a PCIe Gen4 board equipped with GDDR6 memory, designed for cloud gaming.

A step down from the BXT tier, the new BXM models deliver compute and graphics performance fit for midrange mobile devices and smart TVs. At the bottom of the B-Series, the BXE models target IoT devices, entry-level smartphones, and other cost-sensitive products. The BXS lineup is a superset of all the others, adding ISO 26262–compliant functional-safety features for ADAS compute tasks as well as for infotainment, instrument-cluster graphics, and surround-view cockpit displays.

Imagination’s lead customers have already accessed production B-Series RTL, and it’s available for general licensing now. Innosilicon declined to announce a production date for its Fantasy products. Although the first phones using the B-Series will likely reach production by mid-2022, longer automotive design cycles will push out the first BXS-based devices to at least 2023.

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