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Communications Semiconductor Market Forecast 2016–2021

Published October 2017

Authors: Bob Wheeler and Jag Bolaria

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The market for communications ASSPs has become fragmented across both end-use categories and geographies. In Ethernet, data centers are driving growth while the traditional enterprise market languishes. In broadband, PON is growing rapidly in China while DSL is losing share. Meanwhile, the supply base, once populated by a mixture of startups, midsized companies, and a few big companies has become increasingly concentrated. With more technologies under its roof, the typical chip supplier is better able to integrate system functions into a single chip to lower system cost. With fewer competitors, the supplier is also more likely to avoid the ruinous price wars that once plagued product markets such as DSL. How all these factors come into play affects our outlook for communications semiconductors. Companies seeking to understand these dynamics will benefit from the perspective of the leading group of communications semiconductor analysts.

"Communications Semiconductor Market Forecast 2016–2021" provides the detailed market information needed to sort out the complexities of this market. With this report, chip vendors, investors, and OEMs will readily see how big the mature product markets are and how fast the emerging categories are growing.

Communications semiconductor product categories covered in the report include network processors, 10-, 25-, 40-, 50- and 100-Gigabit Ethernet components, PON and VDSL transceivers, cable modems, network search engines, home-networking chips, and optical-transport ICs. New to this edition is our forecast for optical-interface components, which comprise CDR, TIA, and driver devices used in optical modules. Also included are forecasts for FPGAs, embedded processors, server processors, and integrated base-station processors used in small cells.

The report includes a brief text summary providing analysis of the data and a set of tables for more than a dozen categories of communications semiconductors. The single-user license includes a brief printed document with summary analysis of the data and is packaged with a non-printing PDF that provides market-forecast tables for more than a dozen product categories. The corporate license includes the printed summary as well as a PDF that permits additional copies to be printed. For easier data reuse, the corporate-license edition is packaged with a Microsoft Excel workbook containing all of the data.

Make Informed Decisions

As the leading vendor of analysis for communications silicon, The Linley Group has the expertise to develop a high-quality set of market estimates. Our analyst team applies its extensive experience and network of industry contacts to deliver the quantitative information you need to make informed business decisions.

Whether you are looking for a well-established vendor to source from, a vendor to partner with, or a rising company to invest in, this report will cut your research time and save you money. Order "Communications Semiconductor Market Forecast" today.

This report is written for:

  • Product managers and executives seeking to identify product markets in which to invest or divest.
  • Strategic sourcing professionals and engineers at OEMs seeking information about pricing and other chip-market trends.
  • Investors and financial analysts seeking data to support investment decisions.
  • Public relations professionals seeking to communicate the growth opportunities of their clients.
List of Figures
List of Tables
About the Authors
About the Publisher
Executive Summary
1 Introduction
Product Categorization and Report Organization
Forecast Methodology
Analysis Overview
2 Processors
Network Processors
NPU Forecast Assumptions
NPU Forecast Accelerators
NPU Forecast Inhibitors
Embedded Microprocessors
Embedded-Microprocessor Forecast Assumptions
Embedded-Microprocessor Forecast Accelerators
Embedded-Microprocessor Forecast Inhibitors
Embedded Processors for Communications Assumptions
Embedded Processors for Communications Accelerators
Embedded Processors for Communications Inhibitors
Integrated Base-Station Processors
Integrated Base-Station-Processor Forecast Assumptions
Integrated Base-Station-Processor Forecast Accelerators
Integrated Base-Station-Processor Inhibitors
Server Microprocessors
Server-Microprocessor Forecast Assumptions
Server-Microprocessor Forecast Accelerators
Server-Microprocessor Forecast Inhibitors
3 Ethernet
ASSPs for Ethernet Switching
Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Assumptions
Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Accelerators/Inhibitors
10GbE Switch Forecast Assumptions
10GbE Switch Forecast Accelerators
10GbE Switch Forecast Inhibitors
100-Gigabit Ethernet Forecast Assumptions
100-Gigabit Ethernet Accelerators/Inhibitors
ASSPs for Ethernet Adapters
10G - 100G Ethernet Adapter Forecast Assumptions
10G - 100G Ethernet Adapter Forecast Accelerators
10G - 100G Ethernet Adapters Forecast Inhibitors
5G, 10G, and 100G Ethernet PHYs
5G, 10G, and 100G Ethernet PHY Forecast Assumptions
5G, 10G, and 100G Ethernet PHY Forecast Accelerators/Inhibitors
4 Broadband
Broadband CPE ICs
Broadband Infrastructure ICs
Broadband IC Forecast Assumptions
Broadband IC Forecast Accelerators
Broadband IC Forecast Inhibitors
5 Other Networking ASSPs
Optical-Transport (OTN) ASSPs
Optical-Transport ASSP Forecast Assumptions
Optical-Transport ASSP Forecast Accelerators
Optical-Transport ASSP Forecast Inhibitors
Optical-Interface ICs
Optical-Interface IC Forecast Assumptions
Optical-Interface IC Forecast Accelerators
Optical-Interface IC Forecast Inhibitors
Network Search Engines
Search Engine Forecast Assumptions
Search Engine Forecast Accelerators
Search Engine Forecast Inhibitors
Home-Networking and Access ASSPs
Home-Networking and Access ASSP Forecast Assumptions
Home-Networking and Access ASSP Forecast Accelerators
Home-Networking and Access ASSP Forecast Inhibitors
Other Wired Communications ASSPs
FPGA Forecast Assumptions
FPGA Forecast Accelerators
FPGA Forecast Inhibitors
6 Conclusions


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